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My Last Never Ending Story

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by uknemesis, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. uknemesis

    uknemesis The Nemesis

    Jan 16, 2002
    Well I've been away for quite a while, for reasons stated in another thread, and I've found that I no longer have much time to play NESs anymore, and since all of those that I was in have closed, not much need to either.

    So this will be my final contribution most likely to the NES forum - my last NES, one which I will post in whenever I do manage to get time, and one that returns to the first ever Never Ending Story, that I posted so long ago.

    Basically, you don't own a country, you don't even have a map. It's just a story, that each person who posts adds to, and if there have been enough posts, can upgrade an age or something.

    My suggestion for time is that each page (for me and the standard 20 posts per page) is one year (maybe five if it seems to be going too slowly) and that each new page there can be a new tech researched by each nation - ie; if you start Page 2 by writing for the USA, you could allow them to research the rifle, a more accurate but slower to reload musket. Please don't go crazy with this though!

    I'll begin, in the year 1805...

    * * * * *

    Nelson patrolled the deck of Victory, his Captain, Hardy, beside him. Their presence inspired the men, and Nelson knew that they needed to be inspired, for this battle would decide the fate of Britain.

    Napoleon was rampaging across Europe, and now had turned his eyes to Britain. Nelson commanded the British fleet that could save the day, but they were outnumbered by the Franco-Spanish fleet.

    But Neslon had used a devious strategy against the enemy, cutting through their line of battle rather than sailing alongside it, and now the British gunner's better rate of fire was showing, and the enemy seemed on the verge of fleeing, with their vanguard having to turn around to get back into the fight, frustrating their Admiral.

    Oh no, he thought, as the three decker HMS Victory got entangled with a French two-decker, the Redoubtable.

    Gunfire from the rigging of the enemy ship swept Victory's deck, and Nelson flinched as a musket ball struck the mast just as he passed it.

    "My Lord, you should go down, we are in trouble! The Redoubtable's crew and marines are well-drilled in close combat and boarding!"

    Nelson shook his head. To run now would dishearten his men, and would be seen as cowardice.

    And a coward is something I'm not. Nelson thought, gently rubbing the stump of his right arm.

    Victory shook as she fired another broadside at Redoubtable, but in vain. More and more men on the upper deck fell as they were hit by musket fire, and Nelson held the hilt of his sword with his left hand, ready to draw it and fight the boarding party that was now assembling on Redoubtable's deck.

    But through the rigging of the enemy ship he could see another British ship. He recognised it as the Temeraire, otherwise known as the Saucy Lady, which was coming past Redoubtable's stern.

    Then the Saucy Lady fired.

    Roundshot smashed into the stern of the French ship, and grapeshot tore at the rigging, and felled many of the boarding party, which was most of Redoubtable's crew.

    They began to flee for cover, when Temeraire's Marines opened fire, cutting down yet more.

    The Redoubtable would fight against the boarding parties that would invade it, but the outcome was inevitable. The French ship was doomed, and her Captain, Lucas, would be forced to strike his colours soon.

    But a trapped fox is more deadly than a wolf, and Nelson felt the bullet enter his back, and hit his spine.

    He fell from the poop deck onto the quarterdeck, with Hardy dashing after him.

    Men rushed to help also, and a handkerchief was put over Nelson's face as he was carried below to the cockpit so his men would not see that he had been wounded.

    "Sir!" a powder-monkey rushed up to Hardy, "we've won sir! The French are fleeing!"

    "Good." Nelson muttered from beneath the handerkerchief as he was carried below, knowing he had won the battle to save Britain

    * * * * *


  2. Giovanni Wine

    Giovanni Wine Drunk And Happy

    May 25, 2002
    Torino, ITALY
    Silence reigned in Torino: the once proud capital city of the Kingdom of Sardinia, home of one of the oldest noble ruling family of Europe, the Savoy Family.

    The Kingdom of Sardinia was annexed by Napoleon to France on the June of 1802, at the beginning the population greeted the Emperor as a liberator, as the bringer of a new hope and of the new revolutionary ideas of the French Repubblic.

    But it didn't take much until they realized what Napoleon really was, the so called "tree of liberty": the guillotine have chopped off many heads, simply because people were asking for some bread, or because they dared say something about Napoleon.

    In the past Torino was already take by the French, but than the heir of the Savoy Family, Emanuele Filiberto, liberated it, after a few years of French rule. Since that time the French tried many times to annex Torino and Piemonte to their realms, but without success.

    But this time was different, Napoleon succedeed in not only capturing Torino, but from there taking the totality of Italy, including Rome. This time no man seemed able to liberate the city, King Carlo Emanuele IV fled and left the crown to his brother, Vittorio Emanuele, but he had no chance of repeating was his ancestors have done, however, with a small and restriceted group of loyal persons he started his conspiracy to liberate Torino, and hopefully to reunite the whole of Italy under the Savoy Family.

    One good thing Napoleon did indeed brought, because now the Italians were finally united. United in their hate for that man.

  3. Jason The King

    Jason The King Deity

    Mar 3, 2002
    Bay Area, California
    The air in the city was old and stale. Phillidelphia was not known for it's fresh air in summer afternoons. Located in the town hall, President Jefferson sat and thought in his chair of the times to come. He was very nervous about the upcoming elections this year, and really hadn't done the things he had promised the people he would do when he was elected, and he was running out of time. Damn Congress, he thought, if only I had complete control of this country, I would bring it to par with the French and English in Europe. However, Congress controled most of the budget of the United States, and so he was left in contempt.

    Signaling from the slave to bring him his coffee, he begun to think about the expansion that lay ahead for the United States, especially if he won his reelection. After aquiring the Louisianna territory, the west was left open for US expansion. Manifest Destiny, he thought. Manifest Destiny he must complete.

    Leaving his office he walked down the marble hall on his way to the Department of United States Expansion (fake, lol) for plans in using the Army for westward expansion.
  4. naervod

    naervod My current user title

    Oct 13, 2002
    San Francisco
    Czar Alexander I rode through St. Petersurg. It was an ugly city, with people living in ramshackle homes or even on the streetss. Abroad, reports were coming in on a defeat by the French at Austerlitz and more were coming in that the French were moving towards the border.

    As he got out of the coach, his wife approched him from the steps of the Winter Palace. She asked him, "What is troubling you my dear?"

    "Oh many things," he replied, "the French and the poverty namely,m buty I will set this nation straight. I will be the greatest ruler Russia has ever seen, greater than Peter the Great or Ivan the Terrible, and soon all of Russia will be proud to have me as a Czar."

    To be continued...

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