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Feb 3, 2011

Little introduction first.
I have always noted how Civ lack later era heavy cavalry units. Fraxis have made their Cuirassier to use a musket, and all other unit creators have followed this trend as if heavy melee cavalry stopped existing past feudal era.
This is of course incorrect. Heavy cavalry kept playing valuable role in combat as late as late 19th century and primary used swords/sabers for combat since muskets and rifles were one shot deal and once they were fired, cavalry would typically charge into a melee fight. And while during 17-19 century cuirasses could no longer protect from bullets, they were still quite useful during the melee skirmishes. It was only with invention of breech-loaded rifles when cavalry could reliably use and reload guns while on horseback. Even then, cavalry melee skirmishes lasted as late as WW1.

Therefore I decided to present to you these 3 units that represent heavy cavalry for past feudal eras: Melee Cuirassier (early Renaissance), Uhlan (Napoleonic era) and Chevalier Guard (Early/Mid Industrial era).

While at it I would like to thank Clanky4 and Saibotlieh for teaching me how to work with nifscope.
The first unit was created by Saibotlieh for me some time ago, and the other 2 were constructed by me using textures created by Bernie14.

All of these units support team colors and should generic enough for any European nation. I hope they will be useful to someone ;)

Cuirassier - uses Conquistador animations
Uhlan (Lancer) - uses Companion Cavalry animations
Chevalier Guard - uses Companion Cavalry animations
Spoiler :


1 - Corrected Chevalier Guard from my previous upload - the saber was unrealistically long so I made it shorter and added metallic shine.

2 - American Union Cavalry with Saber

Both units use Companion Cavalry animations
Spoiler :


A set of alternative Musketeers:

1. Musketeer - on a horse with a musket (uses Russian Cossack animations)
2. Musketeer - on a horse with a sword (uses Conquistador animations)
3. Musketeer - who shoots a musket at range and fights with a sword in melee (based on Arquebusier model originally made by Gagonite - new .kfm file included)
Spoiler :



ADDED 10/23/2016

2 Ancient Warlords (Great Generals) for Slavic and Europe

European Warlords come in 3 versions:
-with red cape and red shield
-with red shield and team colored cape
-with red cape and nation symbol shield

All models use Ancient Warlord animation

NOTE: I only applied applied existing texture for Warlord skeleton, the texture were originally created by Bakuel and Ambrox62
Download :
Spoiler :

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Well in my mod I have 2 types of mounted units:
Heavy cavalry (such those above), called Mounted
Light Cavalry (which includes various horseback units that use range weapons), called Scirmish.

In my mod the units progress the following way:

Horsemen > Knight > Cuirassier (with sword) > Uhlan > Chevalier Guard > Early Tank (WW1)

Horse Archer > Horse Crossbow > Pistolier > Hussar > Dragoon > Cavalry (WW1)
Great models, but with respect, the uniform you gave the Uhlan are actually French Cuirassiers. These are what Uhlans really looked like:

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The uniform you gave the Uhlan are actually French Cuirassiers. These are what Uhlans really looked like:

Yeah the name is misleading, I know. It is a cuirassier. All of them are cuirassiers just from different periods, so I named it Uhlan for distinction sake (Uhlans were actually light cavalry.) Perhaps it would be more reasonable to call it Lancer instead.
But anyway, its just a model - you can name it anything you like ;)
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