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My never-ending match...

Discussion in 'Multiplayer and LP's' started by bobwwd, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. bobwwd

    bobwwd Chieftain

    Mar 11, 2016
    Giant map, 24 AIs (3 dead), Eternity gamespeed, Noble. (Gonna go to the last techs..)
    Decided to post here my progress on my first "full" C2C game (for fun?)

    Exploring some land.. lots of barbarians to hunt...

    First "war", getting rid of Holy Roman..
    ...Hunting the last of Holy Roman... (Require Complete Kills is enabled)

    Discovered Warfare, loved audio haha, nice

    Now someone started to get interested with my land...

    Second city, yay..!

    Greeks didn't understand what I tried... Hmmh.. better luck next time
    Greece's city is too close, goodbye Greeks:

    And... many years and turns later.. I over-expanded:

    Now my citizens are angry and unhappy because of over-expansion.. I've built like all of the happiness buildings but the angry faces just don't go away...

    Any tips for getting rid of angry people due to over-expansion?

    PS. RIP Kitty's Posse (Trained Cat), 8000 BC, enemy Ambusher got the best of her.. Still going custom named units: Kitty and Kitty's Friends (both Trained Cats, the Kitty name is an inside joke hehe). ..and Tribal Villager (Stone Spearman) which I got from a tribal village in the beginning. Too bad the ALT-S sign system is glitched and disappear, I wanted to put a sign RIP Kitty's Posse on a tile/square but it disappeared

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