My opinion of Pan Asian Cooperative after a t 172 Supremacy V.


Feb 29, 2020
I read somewhere on the internet that people don't like PAC because the dominating opinion is that wonders are weak in Civ Be.

Like usual I disagree with the consensus and think PAC is OK. Certainly not weaker than the average and with a bonus that reliably and easily helps the player to achieve victories faster. Whether the bonus is a good design from a gameplay perspective is a different discussion.

In the game I played with them I have had a bit of luck with the map but regardless of that I could see that there are certain opportunities available for PAC if they want to use them. These include building very expensive and good wonders (Ansible, Tectonic Anvil), in a reasonable timeframe, building some good wonders to make strong cities (Benthic Auger comes to mind), or simply a strategy that is very simple and very effective which just involves you building only Manufactories in your capital and rushing The Promethean. This is what I would call the "standard" PAC gameplay. Building Daedallus Ladder quickly is also something very fun to do. The Drone Sphere is also another great wonder to have in any game and PAC can always get it especially since the Black Market is so strong.

PAC is also very versatile with diplomatic traits since their bonus adds up extra yield during the game, not so much from the trait but from the wonders themselves. I assume PAC is the most unbalanced faction on Marathon speed for obvious reasons, if their bonus stays the same. Building a wonder in 1 turn on Marathon has to be unbalanced.

In this game standard speed game I haven't been able to build many wonders - only 3... but the fact of the matter is that these were enough and they are good wonders. Memetwork, Drone Sphere and Promethean.


I built the Emancipation game only on turn 156, had low production. But I think it is decent overall. Thankfully I had a lot of army saved up from doing Recruit Defectors continuously during the game. My main unit to send was Prime Geliopods.
I wasted time to try to research for XenoTitan but I wasn't able to get the needed affinity.


This was one of the most fun to play maps I rolled because there was a wall of mountains and canyons shilelding me from my neighbours.


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Jan 26, 2013
I've always considered the PAC ability overpowered. I thought it was a typo when I first read it. I end up with the vast majority of wonders the few times I've played them. You still have to have a science focus to get to all the wonders you're interested in, but still seriously powerful. It's strategy changing and you can't say that about many abilities in this game.
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