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My Outline

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by SpazzAttack, Oct 23, 2002.

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  1. SpazzAttack

    SpazzAttack Chieftain

    Oct 17, 2002
    Hey, I just noticed this game here. Sounds like a team game me and my bestest-budds invented a while back. While I don’t have the time to play in your game, here was our outline for our game. You may (or may not) find use from it.

    This is the basic outline to play a game of civilization with a team in place of a single player.

    This is designed for gatherings. Quite often, I find, in large gatherings with friends, they get jealous if I alone play Civ. So this is invented so our entire team can play.

    First of all, your nation will require a Head Of State (HoS) this HoS can, if he/she wants to be, also a member of the Ruling Council (RC) or a Governor or General. [note, RC members can also be Governors/Generals, and in later stages, all team members tend to be Governors/Generals.] This HoS will be elected by the entire team for a term to be determined by the team. Often, a HoS will be elected before the game, and remain in office until after the game is over. Usually the HoS is whoever’s computer the game is played on.

    RC members will be appointed, by the HoS, after he is elected. They can trade positions if both agree to it. The RC members will be distributed like so: (in order of precedence, which may need to be used if everyone, while drunk, stumbles away from the game)

    Right Hand Man:
    This dude’s job is to advise the HoS on what to do, and to make decisions when the HoS is out of the room. The Right Hand Man cannot be the HoS. Solves all debates regarding the team. Has the power to force an RC member to trade his position with another. Serves as official “team leader” while not taking part in the game. (HoS is not considered as part of the team, even though he runs it) Counts ballots if they are cast.

    This dude’s job is to adjust the tax rate, and city luxuries. Also has final say on what kind of government will be in power. Also his job to look ahead, and ensure no cities fall into disorder. The Accountant also have responsibility over all Public Works (roads, mines) and Science.

    Leads the army (and in the beginning, the navy and airforce as well) Makes recommendations for which army units should be built and where. Commands the units once they are made.

    Decides what items shall be produced in each city.

    --- ----- --
    This line marks the end of the “main members” of the team.
    As the empire expands, it often becomes needed to expand the General and Producer. The Accountant’s job is also partially expanded as well, Therefore some of his duties are reduced:
    --- ----- --

    General (Admiral, etc...)
    Generals and Admirals command groups of forces. While they have little bearing on what is built, they will be given units to command. Sometimes they are given an area in which to command the units. (For example, on the real world map with a middle-east centered empire, you may allow one general to command your African forces, and another to command your European forces, and so forth)

    Governors are often given groups of cities in the same area to look after, much in the way a Producer looks after cities. Governors must accept part of the Accountant’s duty as well. They must adjust the luxury rates for each city.

    People can be both, and can be one of these, and a RC member.

    Generalissimos, Producers, and Accountants remain in the game even after Generals and Governor’s have been appointed. Their main duties become:

    This person’s new duties include adjusting the tax rate, And having final say on what kind of government will be in power. The Accountant must still ensure no city falls into disorder, and maintains responsibility over all Public Works and Science.

    Leads the military. Makes recommendations for which army units should be built and where. Commands the units once they are made.

    Appoints Governors. The Producer also decides which cities each Governor will rule over. Since in a regular map of Civ. Each group of cities ruled by a Governor will be called a State. Near the end of the Empire, most Cities should be in States. Important cities (The Science City for example), inside cities (the BIG ones) and newly conquered outlying areas, should still be administered by the Producer.

    These rules should allow any number of people to play. In the event, however unlikely, that there should be more people then players, then they will be working for the “Imperial Senate” and therefore be Senators. In any controversial issue that requires a vote, Senators will be allowed to cast ballots. In an ongoing game, Players that do not show up, can become Senators, and those that do can take their empty positions.

    since these rules have been started, we have played 17 games. Only 7 of them have been finished. The most common problem was that the needed minimum of players (4) was hard to get together, repeatedly. 6 of the 7 finished games were (all day) games, where we invited people over to a single house in the morning, and played all day, to the end.
    Most Players ever: 18
    Wins: 3 (2 by spacecraft)
    Most popular food for all day games: Pizza!

    This all started when 2 friends and I wanted to try to combine our tactics to create an unbeatable empire. So far, we have lost more games as a ratio as a team, then we do alone.
  2. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    Thanks for letting us know about your team style play.

    If you ever have any words of wisdom you want to add to our game, feel free. :)
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