My Own Cities Trying To Seperate?


Jun 27, 2007
Ok, so I have 2 of my best cities that seem to be trying to seperate from my empire. Japan and the Maya are both my vassals and I have one good city the wants to join each empire. The weird thing is it says the people "rightfully" wish to join the japanese or maya empire...How does that work, my own cities rightfully want to join a foreign country? I've had this happen with captured cities but not with cities I've founded...

Also, is there any way to break the vassal agreement because I have a large stack of cavalry ready fresh from removing the indians from my continent and there ready for the mayans, but I can seem to undue this vassal thing and declare war.
Does your culture suck? Doesn't matter if you founded the city or not. If another civ culture is overwhelming your city then it will start to defect. you gotta up the culture in that city to make the city want to stay with you.
The only way to break a vassalage is to let them get really big or let someone else trash them. If they get to be half your size or lose half of their land they'll be freed.

Then they burn! :mischief:
I think you're referring to the occasional pop up messages you get that the citizens of city X "rightfully" want to join some other empire. This happens wherever any of your cities has any percentage culture (even 0.01%) that is not your own. This means that this message will show up at any city you captured from a civ which still exists, or any city that is at a land border, even if you have overwhelming culture and have always owned it.

Just ignore the messages (I think you can stop them by minimising popups, but you might not want to do that for other reasons). They are a stupidly implemented system, made worse by the fact they look exactly the same as the pointless advisor popups - leading to potential for accidently giving away cities.
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