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Great Prophet
Jun 18, 2001
:) Hi, I have some questions regarding Civ V:

1. Does anyone know the maximum number of turns for each game speed?

2. I think I noticed that you can choose the sea level for the Earth map on the advanced setup screen. What I know from past civ games is that sea level determines the land to water ratio. So, how can this be done with a fixed map of the Earth?

3. I know that cities built adjacent to a river can build a watermill, and are somewhat safer from attacks. Are there other benefits?

4. For a city to receive the benefits of a nearby natural wonder, does it really have to be adjacent to it, like the advisor says, or can the natural wonder just be within the "big fat hex"?

5. What is tessellation, from the video setup?

6. How does the ingame music work? I mean, I noticed that if I'm playing as the Chinese, it will play eastern music, or if I'm palying as an European power, it will play classical music. But what I want to know is how many cultural groups are there, determining the music to be played, and which are they and which civs belong to each.

7. Does marble speed up the construction of any wonder? I mean, it's not like a lot of marble went into the construction of the Colossus (not to mention modern wonders...).

8. I have noticed that at the beginning of a new age, there are two types of voiceover: for instance, if I reach the medieval age, it will either say "welcome to the medieval age (or era)" or it will say "the voice of the people is the voice of God". So, I was wondering, what does the difference mean?

9. What is the effect, performance and graphical quality wise, of choosing directX9 over directX10 or 11?

Anyway, these are my current doubts with Civ V.


Jun 3, 2007
Tiles next to a river get +1G (and +1F with Civil Service). Cities next to a river can also build the Garden which increase Great People Point generation by 25% and the city can also eventually build the Hydro Plant which gives +1P for all river tiles at the cost of one aluminum.

I believe the benefits mentioned are the tile yield (I believe Old Faithful has +3P +3G), so within the hex is fine.

Something to do with graphics, I believe it's explained in the video as well. If not, look it up on google/wikipedia.

Marble increases wonder production speed of the city by +25%, this is in the city it's closest to, not empire-wide.

I believe there's 3 different quotes for each age, there's a list of all in-game quotes somewhere on the forum, search around for it.

I saw a sticky either here or in the tech support forum explaining it all in detail with some nice screenshots for comparison.
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