My roman empire.


Roman Emperor
Mar 10, 2002
Venezuela, South America.
well i also got a roman empire, with 90+ cities and there are 3 continents in a huge map, the biggest continent is dominated by me, 85% of that continents terrotory belongs to my roman empire, yeah i got in total 100 mech infantry and 85 modern tanks, and 42 radar artillery, 20 battleships and 11 stealth bombers plus 15 normal bombers and 15 jet fighters...

My economy earns 1400 gold per turn and i control the 60% of all the luxuries and the strategic resources of the world, my roman empire have 50.000 gold and is increasing for the 1400 gold per turn.

My nuclear arsenal is formed by 70 ICMB's and 15 tactical nukes (10 of them in 10 nuclear submarines placed in the borders of the other civs).

I build 5 ICBM's every 5 turns (in average one ICBM per turn), but i can build 25 ICBM's in 4 turns if i rush build them for the cost of 15.000 of gold... and those 15.000 of gold can be easily recovered with the great amount of gold my roman civilizations earns per turn.

My opponents the Russians got 17 ICBM's (but cant build icmb's anymore because they lost their last uranium resource in a war against england), England has 26 ICBM's, India has 22 ICBM's, China 3 ICBM's, Babylony also in the southwest of my continent had 1 icbm but i destroyed it invading his city, because that icbm represented a threat to me, also the western civilization in my continent the greeks are not allowed to make nuclear weapons because i got 75% of the uranium in the world, and 50% of the aluminium of the world.

My ally Japan has 26 ICBM's (the japanese and the english are competing in a nuclear race, everytime one civ increase a icbm the other increases too).

All civs except the babylonians and the greeks have the SDI (strategic defense satelite), the japanese doesnt have a source of uranium, they get it from me through trade, i give them uranium and they give me 120 gold per turn, the rest of the civs have trade embargos each other, because i managed to manipulate each other to create wars between them and so they create trades embargo between them, so they will be forced to trade with me and give the money to me.

The only problem in my empire is the corruption in the cities that are nor originally mine, anyways the terrain gives u a lot of resources and money, still the total corruption goes up to 1050 of corruption lost per turn, but the income is bigger.

The population of my empire is 91.000.000 of citizens.

11 gold per capita.

Also i was the first civilization in completing the SpaceShip.(but i continued the game for fun)

Now im trying to find a patch or cheat to create biological or chemical weapons to launch them to my enemy civs without getting everyone mad at me.

If u want a rec game of this nice game reply me.
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