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Nov 16, 2003
Since the new forum now limits signature down to 800 chars, this thread is just for my personal use to track my SG history, which I'll put a link to in my new signature.

SG Playing: See signature.

SG Finished:
LK101 - World Map: started as Argentina, we conquered the world eventually.
LK99 - RaR 5CCC+: A 5CCC+ victory in RaR.
LK95 - Raze 3 Domination II: Found one city for every 3 razes.
Mic8 - The Gnomes of Zurich: No tech purchase and passive. We had fun with propaganda.
MLDR5 - NOW What?: a Non-Oscilating War game at demigod. We killed Portugal and Germany but faced a continent completely controlled by Sumeria, which was going to win 100K in 37 turns. Would we pull it off?
LK96 - Island Hopping *: Lost due to insufficient preparation of war.
AG14 - Sid Space *: We did well but just not have enough to stop an AI from 100K culture win.
Gr3 - AWE Maya: We should have won much earlier if it were not for the fact that our entire continent has no coal!
LK93 - RaR 25K: Title says it all.
LK88 - RaR Large Map: The game looked grim at some point and we almost gave up, but we pulled it off and won by domination!
AG16 - OCC Deity *: As expected we lost. :)
LK85 - 5CCC+: We revenged LK79 and nuked the AI to death.
LK89 - Raze 3 Domination *: Lost by culture.
Mic7 - The Peace Corps: No military (except that we built a few UU and boats).
Romeo3 - RaR OCC: RaR OCC at emperor. Ended up with a conquest win.
AG13 - Demigod OCC: a glorious conquest win!
LK90 - AWE Chinese: My first AWE win.
LK84 - Rubble Claimers: 3 cities and then only found on rubbles.
LK86 - RaR AWM: We basically rolled over the AI after a GA.
LK82 - Deity Self Research: Emphasize self-research on a deity pangea map. It went surprisingly well and we took tech lead all the way from late ancient ages.
HANDY11 - AWDG Revisited *: Abstained due to deep tech hole.
LK81 - RaR: First SG on RaR and win by domination at Emperor.
LK80 - Science Experiment *: A failed attempt to do self-research on Deity.
LK79 - 5CCC *: We were close to victory but got nuked to death by Persia and eventually had to abstain the game.
Goz7 - Squeeze *: Not something I want to try again.
Random Deity Trouble Maker: One of the best games! We had numerous flips but managed to launch the spaceship at the same turn as Russia!
I Can Do Better: A very unique game in which I was the "Bad Apple".
HANDY10 - AWDG without pillaging *: Started from an island and lost.
HANDY9 - XAWM: Monarch AW with some other restrictions.
Mic6 - AWM Pangea: Second Monarchy Always War as Japan.
LK78 - Slow Cooked Deity *: Donimation loss.
Mic5 - Butt Kisser: A funny variant before the US election day. :)
Mic4 - AWM: First Always War game.
RBC16 - Sleeveless: a trickless game.
LK77 - Samurai Pride: A Deity defiant game.
GozGram1 - 100K Deity *: Conquest loss.
5 in 1 Mystery: Everyone has his own mysterious variant.
LK72 - Deity 5CCC: Glorious win.
SGOTM3 *: Very difficult game, and it was abstained conveniently after only 3 players were left.
RBC15c - Russia: Domination as Russia in the Napoleonic scenario.
Mic3 - Wonder Expansion: can only found a city after building a great wonder. 20K win in the capital.
AG10 - Emperor OCCC: A builder's game until late Industrial Ages. Fight two superpowers and win a few turns before 2050AD. One of the best games.
Bugs2.1 - The Gauntlet Revisited: Cruel variant - no prebuild, no upgrade. Adding to that we lost a granary at beginning of the game which hampered our expansion. With some luck we managed to get a diplo win.
Deity 5CCC *: Nice try but lost.
LK70 - Passive 20K: Easy game.
LK65 - Demigod Worldmap: Very big map with 24 foes. War all the way and win by domination.
Mic1 - Commercial Research Hater: My first hosted SG. With superior start we win the game quite easily.
Mic2 - Lightening Chinese Riders: Another fast emproer domination.
LK69 - 80K Culture Win: First serious try on civ-wide culture win.
CVN1 - Uncorrupted Rome: The turn on capturing Great Library and get tech parity is very exciting and brutal. Very close.
AG7 - Revenge of the Democracy: Join after one player withdrew. First deity SG.
AG3 - Ultra Big Map: Exhausting game. Max map with max number of civs.
SGOTM2: Fast Monarch domination.
SESN1 - Pool Warmongering Fools: no resources ever. Berzerks rule.
GOZ3 - Totally Barbaric: Stay in despotism until Facism. Great game and great team.
AG9 - Monarch OCCC: Brutal knight-age fighting. Ansurs vs Elephants.
AG5 - Honorable Space Race (Demigod): Great start makes it easy.
DI3 - Wonderless is Wonderful: No wonder is allowed, great or small. Fast domination.
SGOTM1: Regent Always War.
AG6 - OCC Space Race (Monarch): Space Race with one city.

Stories and Tales:
Emperor OCC Space Race
Monarch OCC Space Race
Survival of the Weak - first demigod attempt
Jungly Germany
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