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My thoughts on nukes


Feb 15, 2002
I know some will disagree but I disable nukes in some of my games and heres why. As I see it in the real world they cannot be used because of the mass destruction they would cause. If we launch they all launch and so on down the line till we are all gone.That said they shouldnt be in the game in a useable way so that you must fight with conventional weapens only to win. Instead I use a non nuke Icbm with good damage but without the nasty sife effects but the same range. I also change my stats on Manhatten Project to add science to city built and add 10 percent to treasury sort of a payment for military tech from other nations. I also feel you should be able to sell units to allies and buy them on a open market for very inflated prices hehe... That way you could sell tanks missiles ect.. to help your allies survive and keep a better balance of power. Example sell a civ with 2 cities left (no threat to you) a ton of missiles they could use at a good price and then declare war on someone that you both have a protection pact with. Or simple sell missiles to someone at war with a civ that you plan to fight in the near future and let them weaken them down a bit while you group your unit.. your thoughts? THX :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :skull:
We have come closer to total nuclear annihilation in real life more times than you care to know about. The threat IS real in our world today.

With that being said, I did think that the AI in Civ2 was a little bit TOO trigger happy with its nukes. :D I havent had any experience yet in Civ3 with the AI and nukes, so I dont really know how eager they are to use them. I think they should be programmed to keep their nukes holstered unless their existince is threatened. Like if you are tearing through their homeland razing everything, not offering peace or anything, well then their back would be to the wall, and you are gonna get toasted.

I dont think they should pop off 20 ICBMs as soon as you take some far off city of theirs though. (Unless its a Civ like the Zulus or someone like that. If you look at Shaka funny he'll declare war, so I'd expect him to fire first and ask questions never. I'd just have to make sure he either A) Never get rocketry/satellites, or B) Never gets aluminum.

So it is possible to keep your opponents from getting nukes without altering the game. Just monopolize the aluminum. Depending on what difficulty level and world size you play on, that could be difficult. :D
Hehe...I think the nukes are great! I'm just about to end my successful campaign as the English with...a NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!! :rocket: :rocket3: :rocket2: :smoke:
Hmm,well you can´t deny that nukes excist,they are part of our reality,and have also been used,which makes it even worse.I´m most likely not to use them ingame cause they create havoc on the surrounding countryside,not to use them on morale grounds is okay,would be better if ppl in reality had thought like that,but in a game I don´t really care, they are computer ppl,remember,no harm done.Don´t mind using communism or fascism as my government either,nor bombing or razing cities,in reality this would be terrible,but in a game who cares.

Nice to see that the ppl for arms deals are speaking up,have already placed my post on the "improvements for expansion pack" thread a while ago,hope more will contribute,and thereby showing how crucial this really was and is in reality.It shouldn´t be missing,nations have always traded weapons.

As for Civ2,quite on the contrary,I never saw the AI using nukes, I had to change it everytime under the cheats menu,because the AI wouldn´t use them before oneself did.Agree with AI civs more likely to use them if they have their back to the wall,this makes sense.
Why would Communism be terrible? I know the examples we have had so far this century have been fairly bad, but they've hardly been model communes have they? Cuba is probably the most successful communist state at the moment and the've done great despite all the embargos and attempts on Castros life by the US government. They have a better health sysem and public transport system than the UK, and although the standard of living is poor (due to aforementioned embargoes), most of the people seem to be satisfied. Of course all we ever see are the refugees who flee from Castro's despotic leadership, but I've been there and I can safely say that I'd rather live there under a "despot" in disguise as communism than my own supposedly 1st World nation.
Lay off the commies dude.
Think you got me wrong Parmenion...

I was just stating that I will use nukes,bombs,razings and fascism to win this game,usually someone comes along and says "how can you play fascism",then the next one comes along and says "you don´t think it´s right to use fascism but communism which killed just as many is okay?",so I was just sorting this discussion out before it got started.As for governments,there is no such thing as a perfect government,we all think of democracy being free speech etc,but democracy might aswell also be refered to as capitalism, which gives 95% of all ownership to less than 5% of the population,so it isn´t the optimal thingie either. Communism is good as an idea,but it can´t work with not everyone taking part and it can´t work either if ppl use it for their own ambitions of power consolidation.So I wasn´t bashing the Commies.

As for Cuba,I don´t approve of the US policy either,like I said, think you got me wrong...
Btw the "terrible" was mainly pointed at bombings and razing of cities,the killing of civilians.Governments will be as good or as bad as people make them.
I think the States should lay off Cuba. Isn't thirty some odd years of embargo enough? Besides they make great cigars:smoke: (I live in Canada where everything Cuban is allowed)
Originally posted by MarineCommando
I think the States should lay off Cuba. Isn't thirty some odd years of embargo enough? Besides they make great cigars:smoke: (I live in Canada where everything Cuban is allowed)

I know. When you cross the border into Canada, Cuban cigars are among the first things they offer you. :smoke:
As I see it in the real world they cannot be used because of the mass destruction they would cause.

Time to pick up your history books. Nukes have been used in the real world. Twice, actually.
My sincerest apologies Dirk, I misinterpreted your post, no offence meant. You are absolutely right about governments too.
However, my government, whether I'm a despot or a democrat is always perfect and everyone is happy....well they'd better be or my secret police will punish them badly!
Np Parmenion,no offence taken :)
Ive never seen a nuke used.... Ive seem them fortified in enemy cities, I usually build a bunch myself. It seems like if you have them there worth there weight in deterance value.

My last game I was about to discover the laser and finish my ship the next turn with a leader rush winning the game. Only japan and china had nukes and we were all at war, They had about 35 cities and I had about 50 ICBM's. As soon as the tech popped I was gonna launch and run to space. I was at war with everyone so it wasnt pretty and things were gonna get rough for me quick if i didnt. Instead of the tech popping i got a cultural victory but we were about at the point of war. I was gonna push the button myself so they couldnt and I knew I was off to space anyway. (You want to talk not realistic?).

Bah, it was a good game and as soon as Im dong redoing my bic for 1.17 im off into the fray again. Maybe ill see or even use one this game. I just dont want the world unloading on me.

I think nukes are basicly deterance and thats it most of the time. You build them so that other person knows, and wont use theres on you for fear of yours.
Its just a game so don't get too worked up about using nukes. ;)
I have no qualms about using most of the governments/weapons/razing cities, since it is just a game. Also since the computer often loathes you any way you may as well just let them have it! In real life they would be bad indeed however not in the game(if they help you when that is.....;)

Sometimes in Civ 3 you just have to try and be a renegade an turn very ruthless and violent, you almost certainly will have fun :p

P.S., Nukes make for good stories and tales for your game.
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