Mystaran Trade Goods (Resources)


Apr 3, 2003
I spent the last several weeks working on the resource aspect of my Mystara Mod, and thought I'd post the fruits of my labour.

These are the Trade Goods or Merchant Goods that I will be using in my mod. They are based on the ones from the D&D Gazetteers...

Spoiler :

The resources themselves (the small ones on the pink background that appear on the map) were mostly created by others. My apologies to the creators of those included. I sorted through my many resource downloads (most just labelled 'resources' with no mention as to the creators identity) and picked and chose what I needed. As a result I am unable to give credit where it is due. If you wish me to mention your name for credit or wish me to remove your resource, please send me a PM as soon as possible.


The Civpedia Icons were mostly made by me. There are a couple of exceptions, being... The 'Spices' icon is just enlarged and fixed up from the original resource, and same thing for the 'Plane of Earth' resource. Also, the 'Preserved Meat' icon is derived from Civ3's 'Game' resource, and my 'Steel Seed' icon is just a recolour of Civ3's 'Gunpowder' icon. I believe those were the only conversions. Oh yeah, of course the volcano ('Plane of Fire') was taken directly from Snoopy's Civ3 terrain graphics.

All other icons I created using pictures pasted onto the appropriate backgrounds, and then adding shadows. Many were made to imitate the resource I was using from someone else, such as the gemstones.

I had neither the time nor inclination to create 3 different varieties of each (luxury, bonus, strategic), so my apologies if I created something in a different form from that which you are looking for.

One final thing, you will note that there are 3 different colourings of my 'Dyes & Pigments' resource, as I had trouble deciding which to use, and also there are 3 different varieties of 'Glassware' created for experimentation.

Without further rambling, here are the files:

Textiles Resource:
Alternate Textiles Resource:
Mandrake Root and Wolfsbane:

And here are the preview pics:

Hope you like them and find them useful! :)
Thank you, gentlemen!

I realized that I never created a resource for "Textiles", which I missed between oil and salt on the D&D Gazetteer list. I'll probably create that one at some point and post it here, but I'm not sure exactly when it'll happen because I have a very busy month coming up.
The Crater resource is one of my old originals, I've no problem with you using it or altering it any way you like, nor do I need any official credit or anything, just happy when I see some of my work pop up in the occasional mod :)

I especially like the nest, scorpion, and whirlpool resources!
Glad to know where the 'Plane of Earth' resource came from. Actually, I should call it more of a vortex to the Plane of Earth, rather than the Plane itself. Yep, it'll definitely be included in my mod! It'll be used to produce Earth Elementals! Thanks!:)
Added a textiles resource. It's not that great, as the resource itself, at that size and shape, looks like a book more than a folded cloth, but I uploaded it anyways, in case anyone has a use for it.

Preview pic and download are available in the first post!
Thanks for the suggestion. I think that'll be a better idea.

I actually found one that someone had made that had a coloured pattern on it and I was thinking of using that instead, and just modifying my icons to add the colour to them.
Alternate textiles resource made!

I made a second, separate, textiles resource, based on the first, but recoloured to match an existing resource file. It's just a quick attempt at an improvement.

The resource that looks like the civpedia icon is made by me, but the other resource included was made by someone else and found amongst my downloaded resources. My apologies to that person whom I cannot give credit to because I don't know the original source of my download. I based the civpedia icon on their resource, and then just created an alternate resource based on my version. I'm kind of tired right now, so I hope that made sense...

Anyways, the things I made personally can be freely used or altered for whatever purpose you desire.

Preview and download in Post #1. Look for the "Alternate"!
Mandrake Root and Wolfsbane added!

Here are a couple of new Mystara resources I made for my mod, although I'll only be using one of them and don't know which one yet.

They are... Wolfsbane and Mandrake Root.

Resource pics and Civpedia Icons are both included.

Download and Preview can be found in Post #1.
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