Mythic Mod co-op...


Feb 22, 2002
i'm looking at putting together a "Mythic Mod", based solely on civ's with strong mythos to base UU/other units on. this started with an idea for Celt's, with Fenian (Fianna) warriors, Druids, ect... but have since thought of expanding it into a complete mod, including Vikings (with Berserkers or Valhallan Warriors, Valkyries), some Greek mythos additions, ect.

i'm desperate for additional ideas, as well as hoping to be able to utilize existing unique animations, or find help creating some for this (hopefully) large number of new units.

obviously this idea is still fairly new in my head or i'd have more ideas, but even the idea of simply a "Christian Church"-type civ, with Knights Templar (which yes i realise were based out of france) or Paladins, who knows...

thinkin it could be fun to break out of the "historical reality" this game has tried to set, and play with the ideas of "mythic reality"

hope to hear.
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