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Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
Cthulhu Priest

It doesn't come from any source but an octopus-headed humanoid can only be a good thing in a Mythos mod.
A Green Cthulhu or tentacles has become such a cliché I decided to make it white. It fits its underwater tone, so deep that the sun light isn't perceptible.

But it's not because something is cliché that it's not good anymore, so..

Green Cthulhu Priest

With sounds, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" included!

Non-Mythos Bonus:


Animation by Supa
Flayer and cloth models by Sixus1

Don't forget to check its sister project!
@Balthasar : No, it isn't. You have to copy-paste it by design - this way, I'm sure it doesn't get truncated when posted.
Greatly appreciated.

Wish I could do that kiln people thing so that I could work on the Hollow Earth simultaneously with the Africa scenario. There's a faction that needs both a King & a GL that you've now provided.
I hope so. If not, we're lucky. The laptop I was working on the tunnels got a very nasty virus and I have yet to find a way to clean it, but I think I have backup of the latest version (29/5/10 - two years already ?). It reminds me I have half a dozen ready to render units stuck in that laptop.
Very nice job on these units! :goodjob::)
OH NO, not those Priests , i dont want that Eldrazi being here

oh by the way good job on those priests :goodjob:
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