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Jan 10, 2011
Hey Guys merry christmas :)

Anyone have any interesting strategies for nations other than France?

As austria my stratedy is usually to take southern russia early, then wipe out the ottomans and then try and take prussia

As russia ive had the most success staying peaceful untill i have about 10 or so cossacks, then attacking the ottomans and sweden simultaneously. After taking sweden i then go after prussia and can usually take them out pretty easily. At this point i have just a conscript gaurding all my cities and just focus all my troops south westward on the rest of prussia and austria

As the ottomans i take southern russia early (Thier cities produce much better for the ottomans anyway) then quickly make peace. From there I build up again and attack austria with prussia on an alliance. Then, either back stab prussia to end the game, or ally with them again to try and push back russia who is usually as strong as the both of us.

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or would like to share their war stories
-monarch level with more aggression.


Dec 24, 2011
England is one of my favorites for this scenario. You are only locked 'at war' with France, so the best strategy is to simply get everyone else to attack France. This eliminates France pretty quickly, and if you're lucky there might be a few crumbs left. The alternative is having everyone else attack you. (A certain defeat on max difficulty) Build up forces in Gibraltar and any French channel cities you captured, wipe out Spain, Portugal, Italy, then head east. Blockade the entire North Sea and Atlantic after you capture France and Spain, with naval Forces near Denmark and Gibraltar.


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Jan 30, 2010
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You are only locked 'at war' with France,

And Denmark is allied with France! That is the most annoying part of being locked in alliances, your goddamn allies get you in to wars that break your rep.

Also note that getting the other players to go to war is what you want to avoid, since it is a victory points game. You want all of them to stay relatively peaceful so they don't start racking up VPs.


Jan 30, 2011
I assume this is for single player games so diplomacy is what you'd expect from normal ai.

I got advice for using Austria:

I'd take my 3 starting hussars and go take Amsterdam (it might fail so you might want to scrounge for gold and rush a 4th in the 1st turn) meanwhile be building more hussar and cannon in the rest of your cities. When you got like 4 or 5 cannon and a few more hussars take whatever of Italy is remaining. If you're fast you can beat France to Rome along with naples. I forgot exactly how many turns this is but very quickly you got 3 + 3 victory locations. After Netherlands and Italy the next most lucrative target is Spain if the victory locations aren't already taken by a stronger empire. Use either right of passage through France or use a boat from Rome to the Spanish coast. On hard difficulties you might have trouble with any of your other 3 surrounding empires, France will be happy you're helping in war so probably not from france. Ottomans are biggest threat since if they're not at war with you they'll want to go through your territory to attack someone else. Your Ruthenian cities near Russia aren't very productive and the Carpathians offer a temporary barrier so Russia isn't a threat. Prussia isn't as easy of a target as Spain but it's easy to war them.

I'd guess Ottomans also have their best bet at shipping cannons and Sipahis over to Italy as soon as possible, then targeting Spain or one of their two neighbors. I don't have any advice for others lol :|


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Jan 18, 2012
My advice for Spain: Take Portugal ASAP, and Gibraltar if possible. Get peace after Portugal and (hopefully) Gibraltar, then build up infrastructure by spamming workers. Then, place enormous numbers of Soldados, Grand Batteries, and Cavalry on the Pyrenees, and DOW France. Get anyone you can into the war(especially Austria and Prussia), and watch in glee as France wipes out its army attacking you in the Pyrenees. Counterattack and take as many French cities as possible. Then, invade Prussia or Austria(whichever is weaker) and overwhelm them with numbers. After this, you probably won't have time to do anything else, but you might be strong enough to win.


Feb 8, 2022
I am still playing this scenario in 2022 because it's that awesome and my advice is no matter what civ you play as your starting strategy should be to get everyone to ally up against France in the beginning. The other civs will literally pay you money for the honor of a military alliance against France. Take all their payment as solid cash gold, give them only gold-per-turn - just in case they break the military alliance.

If you don't do this France is super OP and will dominate the map and become super scary.

I also advice patience in the beginning. Do not go out and start taking cities right away. Start by building workers to develop your land and take resources in unclaimed territory, then build a ton of cannons. Once you have ~40 cannons you can go take cities efficiently with minimal losses.

This scenario is very much playable on Sid.
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