Napoleonic Europe: Whom to kill first


Jun 18, 2003
Hello, just started this Conquest as France.

What is the best strategy?

I think the Neapolitans / Italy will be the first, but is invading England early on an option, or going for Portugal whatsoever?

What do you recommend?
the netherlands.

Take Amsterdam, they are in a locked alliance with the brits and the portuguese, so you will fight them anyway.

then i recomend allying yourself with the spanish, making them fight the portuguese.

Italy first, then, Austria and/or Prussia.

Something that tends to work well for me is to ally yourself the russians, or at least have them fight the Austrians or Prussians, so when you decide to attack either of these, life is much easier.

thats my 2 cents
I think you are right, the Dutch are probably an easy victim - I will try this now... :)
Amsterdam has fallen, Italy is no problem, too.

Now my only problem is the Royal Navy, I think of taking LONDON and getting Smith's Trading Company... is it possible?

Any Vets of this Conquest here? :)
I'd reccomend against invading England. They aren't very aggressive with their offense landborne offense, and thusly have ALOT of units defending the Island. I've had the majority of my army chewed up there, with only 2 cities captured. London especially is a tough nut.

BTW: monarch: normal aggression
Don't go after the British isles their impregnable and defended by a wooden wall. You've taken Amsterdam and Italy right? Get the Spanish aginst Portugul then once they've taken it attack Spain and take all of it. After that Go for Prussia. Then I would kill Austria. That should pretty much win you the game. I've played as France, Austria, and Britan. Austria being my favorite.
Hi all!

I could not resist: I invaded London with 1 Army of Voltigeurs, 3 Imp Cavalry and 6 Voltigeurs. Plus lots of drafted Conscript-Voltigeurs and 3 Cannons.

I lost all Cavalry and 3 Voltigeurs, but I took the City! Right now I am preparing the defense. If I cannot hold London, I will raze the city... The British will no longer enjoy Smith's Trading Company... :p

I will keep you informed. The Conquest of Italy is going well, but as I lost some Voltigeurs and again all Cavalry, it is a little bit sad that one City is still left - Naples has fallen however.

I am friendly to the Prussians, I have little troops in France, if they would attack me I would be in real trouble...

I am a bad guy. I ask you for advice and do the opposite, I admit that this is not really nice... :(
You should'nt have gone to England. You'll lose everything you throw at them. Burn London then try to get your army back. Then go for Spain, Prussia, and Austria. Whatever you do DO NOT go for Russia. Their deadly.
I starved London down to 1 citizen and will now sent some French Workers there.

I have heavy losses against those Man-O-Wars, but I have taken Plymouth.

All English citizens are revolting like mad, but Italy is conquered and I will try to destroy more English cities or perhaps starve them down and repopulate them with French citizens.

I fear you are right, silver. It is very likely that I will not be able to conquer England, I will not even try it, but I expect to hold London and kill a lot of their attacking units. I hope I will not need to many units to keep them away, I am also interested if this will prevent the English from fighting in Europe at all as long as I hold London.
I tend to fortify the Normandy coast, and bombard any english ship that approches with Grand Batteries.

Ive never invaded England, i tend to stick to the continent.

that works fine for me.

Once in a while the english will try to invade but using grand batts and cavalry you can hold them off
I have played this scenario a few times, and normally manage to win on emperor level. From my experience, the easiest way to win as France is to ignore the English home land, and attack one enemy at the time (in order: Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Prussia).

I have tried the England home island invasion just for fun (and with the idea to get out of war weariness after eliminating everyone in the locked alliance). It was very possible to do after getting the Grand Batteries. By taking London early on you interrupt the annoying “free frigate every six turn” bonus, and also take the Smith´s Trading Company. After taking a few of the other coastal cities (with harbors), it is actually possible to win the war at sea, at least with Ship of the line. This will take a lot of effort, slowing down the attack in Italy considerably, and making it very tempting for your “friends” in Austria and Prussia to stab you in the back. Also remember not to add the fourth unit to your armies, otherwise you won’t be able to ship them back to the continent (troop transports can only carry an army with the size of three)!

On emperor level, I won using this fun but less effective strategy on score (but not reaching 60 000 pts), on monarch I managed to win at 60 0000 by eliminating Netherlands, England, Portugal, Italy, Prussia and attacking Russia (just for fun).

I am interested to hear if someone managed to win on Deity or higher, and what strategies you used.

/En passant
I took Italy before London, or well, I had almost all Cities except Naples and the last one, IIRC...

Amazing strategy, I think you are right: Netherlands, Italy, Spain/Portugal is a very good strategy in that order.

Prussia and Austria are really a problem, they could REALLY cause problems if they backstab me.

I am preparing an attack on Spain while I advance in England. I plan on taking the British mainland, starving pop down to 1 and repopulate with French workers.

RAZING might be a viable strategy, too -> there are NO Settlers in the scenario!

England reduced to Ireland would be no problem, probably even easy to conquer, too...

They lost London, Plymouth and one more Town, Leeds ? is going to be next and I am confident to win.

They run like crazy into my Imperial Guards, heck, 8 defense fortified with cannon backup is just too strong for single cavalry charges, never experienced more than 3 units attacking a stack. The AI is just not very smart, otherwise it would have cut off London by sea and besieged my Army and destroyed all forces on English soil rather quickly...
Amsterdam has fallen, Italy is no problem, too.

Now my only problem is the Royal Navy, I think of taking LONDON and getting Smith's Trading Company... is it possible?

Any Vets of this Conquest here? :)

it is possible. And it’s a good idea. Takes patience. Land 70 cannons next to London over time. Protect them with an Army, which the AI will not attack. Once you have enough cannons to take London, the rest of England will fall easily.
Holy smokes. I read this 15 years ago and it is the most recent thread here. You can sometimes peace scum Irish cities off of anyone who has been at war with the British for a while, they usually give up Ireland territory for some reason.
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