Napoleonic Wars Mod & Scenario [in progress]


Aug 5, 2012
For the past few months I've been working on a Napoleonic Wars Mod. I intend for it to be the most definitive one yet created, with a huge European map and historically accurate detail. The main scenario starts in 1799, just after Napoleon becomes First Consul, but there might be room for French Revolution scenarios in the future. I'm posting this thread for three reasons:
1) To get as much creative input as possible and find out what features people would like to see added in the mod/scenario. Also to get feedback on the content I've added.
2) To get help with the more advanced coding. I'm a novice modder. I had to learn XML on the fly, and I have zero experience with python. So I'm hoping I'll be able to get some of my questions answered here.
3) To gauge interest and keep everyone updated on progress if there's enough interest in seeing this mod released.

Here's a download link to the mod and scenario so far. To run it just extract it to the mods folder in the Beyond the Sword directory. The scenario I'm working on is "Europe-1799-AD" in the PublicMaps folder.

Finished adding:
Spoiler :
-Created 23 new civilizations
-23 new leaders
-New religion Republicanism
-New technologies Civil Code, Secret Police, Romanticism, Hegelianism, Neoclassicism
-Updated tech tree
-New Empire civic
-GeneralMatt's military unit skins for France, Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia
-New units Light Regiment de Ligne, Cavalry, Steamship, Jacobin
-New building Jacobin Club
-New wonders Diplomatic Congress (functions as an early U.N.), National Opera, Arc de Triomphe, Central Bank, Trafalgar Square
-Cosmetic wonders
-Historically accurate city populations, religions, and cultural borders
-Historically accurate forests

Need to add:
Spoiler :
-Unique units and buildings from the era (like Guerrilleros as Spanish Riflemen with Guerrilla I) for each civ
-Infrastructure around cities
-Buildings in cities
-Diplomatic relations
-Various new resources (oats? barley?)
-Academy of Sciences and Madeleine Church wonders
-Inquisitor unit to remove non-state religions
-Inspector unit to selectively remove Republicanism from cities, like Inquisitor
-Marshal of France skins
-Unique general names for each civ
-A coding system so that if the Napoleon Imperial Guard unit dies, the human player as France loses the game, or computer control of France flips to Louis XVIII, while AI reacts appropriately
-A system whereby drafting pillages nearby cottages, hamlets, villages, and towns instead of cutting population
-Civilopedia entries
-Unionization labor civic?
-Supply lines system?
-Proper gamespeed details

I've also enclosed a couple pictures to give a sense of the mod. Please let me know what you think and what features you'd like to see included in this project. :)


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Aug 5, 2012
Very awesome, do you have leaderheads for all of the civs?

Yes, one for each civ currently, with real life portraits of the actual leaders. Used historically accurate anthems for their theme music.

Edit: Just realized I used your Turkish units for the Ottoman Empire too. They're excellent, thanks!

The Capo

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Jan 29, 2001
Washington, DC
You are quite welcome, although I think mine are based on uniforms that are a little later than the Napoleonic war.

I meant animated leaderheads though.


Oct 28, 2008
Los Angeles
Cool beans, I always wanted to make a Napoleonic mod; did quite a bit of research, but things would come up and by the time I resolved them, I had moved beyond Civ (play more Paradox games these days) and time had dulled my modding skills.
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