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Napoleonica: Powder Smoke over Europe

Could someone please reupload the Polish Hussar attack animation fix? The link on the first page is down.
I've looked for it on my HD, and the one I had seemed broken or incomplete. I made this very quickly (just replaced the missing frame 7 by frame 6), it's not perfect but it works. I have thought of a better way to correct it, so I may replace it with a better one in the coming days. Hopefully Sandris will be back soon and replace it with a fixed unit redone from the original Poser file.

Click here for download link.
I just replaced the quick correction I had made by a new, better looking one. I hope it will be appreciated. The link above is now pointing to the new download.
Thank u for ur work, it's really nice. That period in the game lacked nice units!! Now it's complete. Just a small question, could u please civcolor some of ur unit for larger using? IE, the "cuirassier", there is no such nice unit in the basic game, nor in the database. If your French "cuirassier", "grenadier a cheval" and "carabinier" would be civcolored (ie like the russian foot unit), I could better integrate them in my mod which cover the whole period of civ3 (antique to modern). Also, I thank u very much!
Hello Sandris,

I really like your sprites, especially these, and using FLICster and GIMP I've put together a sprite pack that features them heavily for the Paradox game 'For the Glory'.

If you don't already know, it's a fan-produced version of the classic game 'Europa Universalis II'

It has four levels of sprites - for Late Medieval, Renaissance, 18th Century and Napoleonic. I've used your sprites for all the Napoleonic units in Europe, mainly the grenadier and guard units, and I've also included some of your European sprites in the Late Medieval period.

I've also used some other units, such as for the Timorids, the medieval Chinese and the Mongols.

Unfortunately, I could only use one colour for the shading.

Anyway, I'm including a few screenshots for you to have a look at. Sorry for the links to imageshack, but I was unable to upload the screenshots directly.


I'd also like to ask your permission to post the sprite pack with your units up on the Paradox forums so that other players can use it. Of course, I would make sure that the main credit went to you.

By the way, I'm not associated with Paradox in any way, I'm just a player.

I was playing a scenario, using some of the units from the bonus pack and noticed an incorrect default.flc file for the Bavarian Chevaleuger. The flc. file is the same as the Polish Mounted Chasseur default.flc file.

I sent a PM to Sandris, but then I decided to take a stab at fixing the problem myself. I've never made a unit, but it seems to work fine in game.


  • Bavarian Chevaleuger Default.rar
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Running into a few problems with some of your units. The 1812 Prussian Line Infantry unit crashes C3C Steam version. Just a heads up. I know this thread is dead, but people still download these units so I figured I'd chime in. It's a great looking unit. I just wish I could figure out why it's crashing my game.

Tried replacing it with a freshly downloaded 1812 Russian Line Infantry. It also crashes my game.
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