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Would you like to see a Chronicles of Narnia MOD?

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Spacer One

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Aug 23, 2005
So the movie came out, and seeing it visually spurred the CIV3 section of my brain(Yes I have 2% alocated exclusivly to Civ Modding)

So I plan on making a scenario first...related to the first book/movie...then Im gonna take it to a MOD level(assuming people are interested)...

Im thinking the first scenario will be Aslan and the children against the White Witch(duh) seems to be mostly compiling the units, and making a VERY basic tech tree(the only techs I can think of would be related to the "deep magic" and the "deeper Magic" maybe someone else has Tech ideas??)

after that, I will be making a map of Narnia out to the Eastern Isles...hoping people are into the idea, and maybe 1 or 2 of you might help with units I know I'll need(A lion primarily...but I also need a Reindeer drawn sleigh) as well as ideas and playtesting...(I also may need some animals made, Im sure I can find the Models/meshes if someone wants to help with even 1 unit)

I would post my "ideas" but if you have seen the movie, or read the book, its self explanitory...Otherwise...

2 civs, basically good vs evil...ALL fantasy units and animals...
i have read some of books, but not yet seen film. i have though of a civ mod, and am glad some one else did. i am willing to help.
a "the horse and his boy" scenario would be savvy.
the european-style Narnians vs the arabic Calormen's
I have a hard time to see how this scenario would work, unless it be made a simply stand-up-and-fight thing, which doesn't sound very Narnian.

Some hints more exactly what you are planning - victory conditions, frex?
IMO it's just as good a scenario as LotR.

Speaking of which- nope, no similarities here.... :mischief:


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Well, I see it being very hard to make a scenerio about The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. One possibility would be to make a sort of reverse capture-the-flag scenerio where the Pevensie's have to be escorted from Lantern Waste to Cair Paravel. It would be nice if you could activate new friendly troops as you contacted them--a la a RTS game--but I don't think that would be possible.

I think that a mod would be a great idea though. Calormen and Narnia have been mentioned as civs already. But you could also possibly have the seven islands and Lone Islands together since they weren't always under Narnian control. Then there's Archenland, Bism, and Telmar. You could also have a civ for the giants to the north of Narnia and an evil Jadis-led civ. Other than some animals and other beasts, there should be a decent number of units already available. this map to the LOTR map...

now on to the scenario/mod...

Im only making it a scenario at first to spark interest...but as it seems I have that...Im willing to Start on a full mod, if I have the support(even if only for a few units) of at least 1 unit creator...There are units that are NESSISARY that dont exsist...Ie Satyr/faun...a good cut & paster could be able to do alot of em, since I just need lines of exsisting units...

I suppose the next thing to do is edit the first post to include future plans for the MOD, and Civs etc...

Its alot easier to come up with a tech tree, with an Epic game than it is for the scenario...and yes, it would have been nothing but a bloody war which isnt in the spirit of LtWatW at all...So YAY new should onlky take a year give or take 12 months...So...I'll get started working on a map tonight...

Thanx for the amazing response guys...I hope this can be a good follow up project to SG-1...
Weasel Op said:
I think there's a lion. If not, a recolored police dog might work.... :mischief:

I'll help btw

Chukchi Husky's RA2 siberian husky conversion?

I remember seeing a cobra and eagle somewhere...

Also, Spacer One, you have a tendency to start many many many mods, and attempt to work on all of them at once. Not exactly good, as you can't fight a war on 2 fronts... Or 3 in your case. (New York, Stargate, and now this)
Well SG-1 is almost done, and what work needs to be done, Im waiting on others for(I have almost finished fixing he civilopedia, other than that, all it needs is units and a few minor tweaks)...As far as BfNY, that isnt my project alone, there are several people on it...and I dont think me working on something else will affect that...

also, I want to make something people will play...I am sadly disappointed in the response to SG-1, and while I am gonna finish it in a few days(not counting the afore mentioned unit needs) I dont plan on starting the full MOD...with that said, I am starting to brainstorm ideas...testing the waters as it were...

And dont worry, Im still gonna fix your terrain(and quinzys as well since its my terrain too)...Im just waiting until mid January when I get my laptop, and better graphic progs...I assumed you didnt need them until then...

Finally, the double post happened (I guess) because the site froze(that white screen Im sure you all have seen) and I backed up and posted again thinking it hadnt posted...
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