Nasty 1.17 bug, meeting other Civs too soon


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Jan 1, 2002
Nanaimo BC Canada
While exploring the 1.17 changes I've encountered a nasty bug. In the first 30 turns or so of the game, I have "met" two other Civs who are halfway around the world! What has happened, twice so far, is that on the AI's turn I see a unit move which is in a remote part of the world. Then that Civ contacts me, just as if we'd met legitimately.

Has anyone else encountered this? I wonder if it might be specific to, or more common with, some of the following conditions:
* Huge map.
* 4000BC start was generated with the 1.16 patch.
* 15 rival Civs.

This bug completely changes the game. The map I'm using is a huge deity continents map. I've met two other Civs so early that I can actually trade techs with them even though it is a Deity game! This could make the game too easy. And necessary to take advantage of it - if the AIs are meeting each other this way, I'd have to use it to my advantage to keep up with them. It certainly takes all the fun out of not knowing about the other continent(s) until things have advanced far enough.

I was planning to play GOTM#4 with the patch but this is a killer for that purpose, I think I will revert to 1.16 before starting GOTM#4.
Additional info: I've confirmed that the AI's are meeting each other illegitimately. I know this map, I'm testing 1.17 stuff with a map I'd already finished. At 2430BC, a Civ on my continent is prepared to trade me communications with 5 Civs which I know are on another continent, 10 ocean tiles out of reach from here.
Sure! I've attached a zip with two saves which show the problem.

These maps are from an expirement I'm doing with 1.17. I'm trying to see whether the monster score I just submitted for the HOF could be done the same way with the patch. (BTW, my initial guess is that yes it can be done, that it will still be possible to get nearly the same power out of pop rushing. I haven't got it finished yet but I think I have a modified pop rush technique which will work.)

The first save in the zip, 3000BC, wasn't the first case of the problem, I'd already had it happen with the English. But this is the first case which is really ugly because we meet India. The English are beside us, India is about 1/2 of the way around the world. When you finish the turn you'll see an Indian unit doing something during the AI's turn. After the AI's turn, use F4. Then use shift-rightclick on one of the empty circles. (This is the way you access many of the Civ's when you have more than 8.) It will show that we have communications with India!

In the second map, 1790BC, use F4 and talk to Elizabeth. Note that she is prepared to put us in touch with Rome, Egypt, China, and Japan. They are all on a far away continent, there is no way Elizabeth should know them for a long time yet! If you end this turn you'll see two of the other Civs' moves in weird places. Also note that Babylon is visible on our map which of course it should not be.
There seem to be so many bugs in Civ III and the patches we all may need an "army" of exterminators.
This is not very good. Needs to be fixed ASAP.
The "civilisation placement tool" and "civbreed" now no longer work...

Can you morons give us civilisation and unit placement NOW!


Gramphos has brought out a Civilisation Placement tool compatible with 1.17f!

I had another solution but it was far nastier (but it worked!).

So that is me happy again with Firaxis :cool:
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