National wonder limit for OCCs


Aug 14, 2006
Oxford, UK
Has anyone else noticed that there's now a limit on the number of national wonders you can build in a one city challenge? I'm pretty sure this is new. I found out the hard way. :(

You can only have five now. I believe the best choices are Maoi Statues, National Epic, Globe Theatre, Oxford and National Park. It's a shame to miss out on the Ironworks and Wall Street, but the Hermitage and the various military ones are not really a great loss, IMO. If the conditions aren't right for the statues, I guess I'd go with the Ironworks over Wall Street.

What do people think about this change? I must admit, being able to bulid as many as you want is a bit cheesy, especially now we have the National Park.
If you do a forum search, you'll find a few threads on this. The change is included in the Civilopedia docs.

Wall Street is pretty useless in OCC, since you'll be running 100% research all the time. Globe Theatre/Oxford are no-brainers, giving you unlimited happy and a massive research boost. The thing with Ironworks is that with National Park you only get 50% production boost, so if you're water-heavy in the capital then you might as well go for Moai Statues instead. Heroic Epic/West Point are useless since you'll never outproduce the AI in units.
Agreed that you don't really need Heroic epic, especially with military academies, but I think west point is still good. You may not be able to keep up with the AI in QUANTITY of units, but you can at least beat them in QUALITY.
Red Cross isn't very useful, really. By the time you can build it, you'll have made most of the units you'll use anyway (unless you are playing an odd variant). With an OCC, you almost always have a monetary surplus, so you'll tend to upgrade your old units rather than build news ones.

Besides which, if you do choose to attack, it'll like be with Tanks/Modern Armor by the time Red Cross roles around, and they don't get the promotion. And why would you need multiple Medics anyway? You shouldn't have many stacks.

Yes, but again, using one of the 5 spots just to be able to get free Medic I on ships is, imo, a waste. There are much better choices to be made.

Does anyone disagree that the National Park should be one of the five? I'm pretty certain the extra health is essential, but you're not likely to get the forest benefit in a OCC, and the lack of coal is disconcerting. I'm not making a mistake to keep it in my game plan, am I?
I personally consider it essential, but I always make sure to save all my BFC forest tiles. I'll only cut forest outside of it. The free specialists from preserved forests is great.

Specialists are great, but surely it's better to have early chops followed by lots of cottages on the cleared land? Forest preserves occupy spaces which ought to hold a cottage, windmill or watermill!
Cottages are rather overrated for OCC. Yes, you could do early chops, if you need to build stuff, but that's why I chop outside the BFC - I still get some hammers, but I don't "waste" my forests. Sometimes I'll chop one or two, but usually those'll regrow.

I'm not saying it always works, but if I'm planning on going with the National Park/Preserved Forest route, then I'll save as many trees as I can manage. And it usually ends up working well for me.

Cottages are of dubious effectiveness in an OCC. Mass production of great people is generally more useful.

As to the national park, I still regard it has a very tricky choice. It frees you from the health cap, but you lose half the boost from the Ironworks, and can't found Aluminium Co. It also consumes a valuable wonder slot. I don't find it that useful in terms of extra specialists - forests rarely survive long in an OCC. Frankly you may as well farm it for the two extra food and specialist rather than bother with forest preserves, since the national park renders the health bonus of forests irrelevant. At least you pick up a bit more from trade routes and lightbulbs with the bigger city, and you can get your chop bonuses, and the odd extra river commerce.

My selection would be:

No brainers: Globe Theatre, National Epic, Ironworks.

Good Choices: Oxford, National Park, Heroic Epic, West Point (and just maybe Wall Street in a corporate and superpecialist heavy strategy, but I tend to be drowning in gold in an OCC)

Awful choices: Hermitage, Mount Rushmore, Red Cross, Moai Statues (unless you've got 10+ water tiles)
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