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[BNW] National Wonder, Social Policy, Krakatoa Mod (v 2) now on Steam Workshop, my first Mod ever :)


May 3, 2024
Hey guys, I have just created my first ever Mod that changes some things about the game that have always bugged me. I have 2,200+ hours into this near perfect game, but it has always bothered me that...

- It is almost never rewarding to settle cities mid-game because it delays your National Wonders so much
- Going Tradition/ Rationalism is a No-Brainer
- Krakatoa spawns in the middle of the ocean

First of all: huge thanks to Barrowulf who has already done a Krakatoa fix that I incorporated into my Mod. He also made a Mod that changes the requirements for national Wonders to be build (although I dropped the new scaling system).

The aim of this mod is to change as little as necessary so that the game still feels more or less like Vanilla Civ V (with all its expansions). The changes I have done to the game are as follows:

National Wonders:
To allow for more cities being settled, you no longer have to build a certain building in every city to unlock the National Wonder. Now, you only have to build it in the city which is supposed to receive the National Wonder. This should enable you to settle more cities which you wouldn't have settled otherwise.

Social Policies:
Honor: Grants Gold/Culture from EVERY kill. Gold yield from kills is doubled. When you adopt all policies, Gold yields are quadrupled and culture yields are doubled. Military Caste now allows garrisoned units to pay no maintenance.

Liberty: Meritocracy grants +25% Gold from city connections.

Piety: Organised Religion now grants +1 Happiness/ Culture/ Faith (instead of only +1 Faith) from Shrine/Temple. Theocracy makes Shrines/ Temples pay no maintenance.

Patronage: Merchant Confederacy now grants +4 Gold (instead of 2) for trade Routes with City States. Additionally, Trade Posts now grant +2 Science and +1 Gold.

Commerce: Wagon Trains now grant +4 Gold (instead of 2) for Land Trade Routes. Mercenary Army now grants 6 Landsknecht units. Mercantilism now grants +2 Science (instead of 1) for Markets/Mints/Banks and Stock Exchanges. Adopting all policies grants +2 Gold (instead of 1) on Trade Posts.

Aesthetics: Cultural Centers now also provides Culture Buildings with +1 Science.

Exploration: Naval Tradition now also grants +2 Science from Harbor/ Lighthouse and Seaport.

I hope you'll enjoy the Mod as much as I do! The only thing I might do differently now is to require 3 buildings for National Wonders to be built (so for example 3 libraries for National College unless your empire consists of fewer cities). Unfortunately, I am not that great at coding and I am already happy that I could make something like this! :D the Mod is also available in English AND German! All other languages are also supported but updates texts show the English version.


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After having played a bit with the mod, I have adjusted some more things, although I still want to limit any changes so that is doesn't become too inflated. You can see the changes on Steam Workshop. :)
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