Native North American Citizens and Specialists


Apr 3, 2003
Here are some Native North American Citizens and Specialists that I created for the History Game Canada. They are the ones in the "popHeads" file that are the citizens that appear in the city screen, and specialists.

I didn't alter the male citizen tier 1, except that I believe it had a problem with the civ colour in the original file which I fixed up (IIRC). The tier 2 of the male citizen, I added a mohawk headdress, as requested by the HGC team. I created all the rest from scratch, based on descriptions and research I did. They are, tier 1 and 2 of a female citizen, and replacements for the Tax Collector, Scientist, and Entertainer. Mine are: a native Trader, Elder, and Sacred Clown (Heyokha). There are male and female versions of each. I created the trader with 2 different pelts in his hand, so I included 2 different popHead files in the download so that you could choose whichever you prefer. Each of the specialists is holding an object, as requested of me by the HGC team. The Traders hold animal pelts, the Elders hold turtle rattles, and the Sacred Clowns hold feather fans. The male elder has a feathered headress on above his hair, in case it wasn't too clear.

Anyways, enough babbling on... Feel free to use these and enjoy them, or copy and paste from them whichever graphics you wish to use and leave others.



I downloaded the Canada-mod years ago, but these popheads weren't included then, so thanks! They look very nice (I think pelt 2 is slightly better than pelt 1).
Looks great. I always love new popheads, when they fit with the old ones.
Thanks for the positive comments, everyone! :)
First of all, truly beautiful and absolutely great, Grandraem!
Second, I think this citation and a possibility is excellent:
so that you could choose whichever you prefer.
Possibility to choose something from anything is a most important, valuable & entertaining thing in life, IMHO.
Thank you! :)
Spoiler :
And we, greedy people, want more! :)
Thanks, guys!

...You should make more of these!

Citizens, specialists, and advisors are in very short supply in these forums compared to the other graphics, and I would love to create more, but unfortunately... no time. :sheep:
Okay, here's my question. This is the pophead sheet from my current old west mod WIP:

View attachment popHeads.pcx

It includes some Cavalry and 'Cowboy' popheads I made myself by modifying the Fireaxis heads, as well as many I found elsewhere* (like the Saloon girl and the Cop). Is there 1) a way to add your wonderful popheads specialists to this so that only the players playing as NA civs can use them, or 2) do I have to make two mods - one for "euro" races, and the other for playing as one of the Native American Civs in order to use them?

For the record, I think the answer is 1) no, and 2) yes; but it doesn't hurt to ask...

*I've actually forgotten where I got most of these, I keep intending to look that up for my credits list..
Unfortunately, as you already supposed, I'm pretty sure that specialists don't change by culture, only by era. :( It would have been great if they had allocated graphic slots and programmed it otherwise, even if they had just repeated the same graphics five times.

I'm assuming, although my mind isn't working too well right now and I haven't tested this, that you could have certain specialists available to certain civs by giving them prerequisite non-era techs that are unique to all the civs in that culture, and have the same qualities for entertainers, tax collectors, and scientists, but you would have to add citizens in the editor screen, and I've never messed with that, so I'm unsure if they let you add graphics onto the pophead screen in new slots, as they do with adding buildings. If that would work though, then I'm assuming you could have "entertainers", "tax collectors", and "scientists" for euro civs, and "entertainers ", etc. (space included after the name, or even a different name/title) for the native NA civs, each unavailable to the other culture.

EDIT: It seems, according to this thread: ,that you CAN add other specialists by adding rows under the civil engineer, so I'm assuming it'll work. I'll probably be testing it for my mod when I deal with citizens and specialists, but that won't be for quite some time.
Grandraem, the tutorial by Buckets is How to add Specialists. Now I'm embarrassed that I didn't find it myself earlier. The really good news is that now I know how to add your specialists to my mod! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

PS. I'm getting a kick out of the first comment to that tutorial by Mrtn, which begins, "You must have a weird mind to figure this out."
Thanks for the link to the tutorial, Balthasar! That will help me a lot! Yeah, that comment by mrtn is pretty funny! :lol:
Has there been anymore work on this? It would be nice if industrial and modern versions of the Native American female were created. I think that it is the best native female that has been made so far.

Thanks for your comments.

No, there won't be any more work on this. It was only the popHeads I made for the History Game Canada, and I didn't have any plans to expand on it, and I don't have the time to do it right now. Sorry. :(
the popheads CAN change by culture, if you want !

on the thread

i put a simply explanations of my system...

in a folder, you can create many sub-folder, one for every race\type\culture you want,
with a simply, older, DOS command, you can replace, every time, the files neede by your civilization\race\type...

this is an example of my file, used to restore to default the pictures:

replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\popheads.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\AMERWALL.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\ASIANWALL.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\EUROWALL.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\MIDEASTWALL.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\rAMER.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\rASIAN.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\rEURO.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\rMIDEAST.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\ROMANWALL.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities"
replace "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\smallheads\original heads\rROMAN.pcx" "d:\civilization III\conquests\scenarios\wh2white\art\cities

offcourse, the path can change from any pc....

after this, I made a similar bat file to replace a singular pic or pics thgat are needed...

for any question, I'm here...
Thanks for the info, monticone.

I actually have used somewhat cultural specialists in my mod by using non-era techs that certain civs have at the start of the game. Certain specialists are available to the civs that have those techs, while others are not, with each of those cultures having similar variations of the same specialists.
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