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Natural Disasters Mod

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by Ablatt_Ross, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Ablatt_Ross

    Ablatt_Ross Chieftain

    Jul 8, 2018
    EDIT: This post is definitely in the incorrect spot. Please feel free to move it to the most relevant place.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot and definitely think it has potential (it's only an idea at the moment but would love for an experienced mod developer to see if it is viable and possible). They sort of act like Natural Wonders where their irl place of origin doesn't necessarily have to be their location in-game (i.e. Mt. Fuji can be in Brazil) only they're natural disasters instead.

    Sid Meier's Civilization 5 Mod:
    Natural Disasters

    The Natural Disasters mod includes 6 historical natural disasters occurring from the early 19th century to the present across a range of different countries.

    The 6 natural disasters included are:
    - The El Reno Tornado of 2013 in America
    - The Tsunami of 1896 in Japan
    - The Krakatoa Eruption of 1883 in Indonesia
    - The Flood of 1931 in China
    - The Earthquake of 1950 in Tibet
    - The Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009 in Australia

    These disasters may occur at any time throughout the game (or not at all), though only occur once for an entire game and are balanced to not happen too soon after one another.

    When a disaster occurs, it has a “target city” (excluding the Krakatoa Eruption). This target city is guaranteed to be directly affected by the disaster and can be any civilization’s city (if that city meets the relevant criteria for a disaster to occur). Any other cities affected by a disaster are “incidental target cities”.

    N.B. “Affected Tiles” are tiles that have been affected by a natural disaster. These tiles are essentially pillaged tiles, meaning they can be repaired with workers, but take 3 turns instead of 1.

    World Congress: Relief Effort Resolution
    Upon establishing the World Congress, hosting players have the ability to select the “Relief Effort” Resolution which, when enacted on a civilization that has been affected by a natural disaster, provides that civilization with food and production bonuses generated by other civilizations. Producing and providing such resources is optional, acting as an International Project i.e. the ability to build it lasts until the project is completed. In order to be eligible to receive bonuses from a Relief Effort, Civilizations must have had a natural disaster affect them within 30 turns of the Resolution being proposed.

    - Brothers in Arms: +1 Delegate in the affected civilization’s capital
    - Redeemed: Warmonger Score is halved
    - Helping Hand: +20% Influence over affected civilization

    Participating in a Relief Effort contributes towards both a Culture Victory (“Helping Hand”) and a Diplomacy Victory (“Redeemed”, “Brothers in Arms”).

    Warning Signs and Evacuation
    3 of the 6 natural disasters in this mod include “warning signs” which warns players of potential incoming natural disasters 5 – 8 turns before the disaster may occur.

    Disasters that have warning signs are:
    - Earthquake/Tsunami: Tremors are felt by citizens, indicating either an earthquake if the city is inland or a tsunami if the city is coastal.
    - Volcanic Eruption: Krakatoa rumbles, indicating a potential (though unlikely) eruption from the volcano.

    When these warning signs occur, players have the option to evacuate the citizens of any cities they believe may be in danger. In order to initiate an evacuation, the citizens must be able to move to another city of the same civilization. Doing so adds the population value of the evacuated city to the population value of the city the citizens are evacuating to, incidentally generating some unhappiness. If a player has more than 1 city to evacuate to, citizens may be distributed amongst multiple different cities in order to minimize the generation of unhappiness due to overpopulation. Upon instigating an evacuating for a city, the population of that city MUST be 1 and while unoccupied, the city produces NO Food, Production, Gold, Science, Faith or Culture for however long the citizens are evacuated for.

    After a warning sign, whether a player has evacuated a city or not, an Outcome occurs 5 – 8 turns later. This is either a Safe Outcome where the citizens move back to the city they originated from or a Disaster Outcome which triggers a natural disaster.

    The Krakatoa Natural Wonder now has increased benefits for cities that are adjacent to it, however such benefits also bring the threat of a devastating volcanic eruption. Periodically, Krakatoa will “rumble”, generating a small amount unhappiness and notifying the civilization it is within the borders of, of a potential eruption.

    Upon researching the Scientific Theory tech, players have the option to toggle the Fault Line view which, when enabled, displays the fault lines generated for that map. Cities settled on or near these fault lines are at higher risk of being affected by earthquakes, so knowledge of these lines can be helpful when settling new cities.

    The El Reno Tornado of 2013 in America
    When triggered, the El Reno tornado generates a snake-like pattern of Affected Tiles 3 - 5 tiles long, passing through its target city. 2 buildings are also destroyed instantaneously in the target city (excluding Wonders and Specialist Buildings) and any other incidental target cities.

    The Tsunami of 1896 in Japan*
    When triggered, the target city is consumed by a coastal tile and the city is destroyed. If the city has not been evacuated, the population value of the nearest city increases by 1. If there is no other city, the population is wiped out.

    The Krakatoa Eruption of 1883 in Indonesia*
    When triggered, all adjacent tiles surrounding Krakatoa are covered in lava. In the following turn, the lava recedes, leaving any affected cities in ruins and any tiles as Affected Tiles. If an affected city has not been evacuated, the entire population of that city is wiped out.

    The Flood of 1931 in China
    When triggered, the target city enters a “flood state” where food production in that city is decreased by 20% for 5 turns (causing potential starvation) as well as 2 other adjacent tiles in the city’s borders becoming Affected Tiles.

    The Earthquake of 1950 in Tibet*
    When triggered, a single tile is established within the target city’s borders as the “epicenter”. Any cities adjacent to or on the epicenter have 5 buildings destroyed instantaneously (excluding Wonders and Specialist Buildings). Production decreases by 30% in any other cities within a 5-tile radius of the epicenter.

    The Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009 in Australia
    When triggered, a large number of Affected Tiles appear (4 – 6), surrounding the target city. The population value of the target city also decreases by 2 points.

    * - Natural Disasters that have warning signs.

    Why Make This Mod?
    Civilization, while a fantastic game of resource management and decision making, has always been heavily player-influenced. This means that a majority of a civilization’s downfall has either been attributed to poor decision-making on behalf of a leader or the strength of another which, when compared to reality (a concept that Civilization clearly strives to replicate), is not exactly a 100% fair representation of how real-world civilizations deal with issues. The Natural Disasters mod creates a more even and unpredictable playing field for all civilizations, where it be potentially crippling the strongest civilizations so that others that may have fallen behind have a chance at victory or even presenting unexpected, potential opportunities for other civilizations to either strike down and abolish their foes or lend a helping hand.

    I'm more than happy to answer, clarify or respond to and questions or suggestions you may have.

    Moderator Action: Welcome to CivFanatics. Moved to the main C&C forum where idea proposals are posted. Good luck. leif
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  2. sman1975

    sman1975 King

    Aug 27, 2016
    Dallas, TX
    @Ablatt_Ross - it sounds like quite an interesting mod concept! It is certainly doable from a development standpoint. Unfortunately, I don't have free time to help out for a few months or more.

    One thing that might help out anyone working on this - take a look at this mod:


    It seems like a good foundation to build other calamities around.

    Good luck with the mod

    YINGCHENG Warlord

    Oct 25, 2016
    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Are you still working on this mod?

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