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Naval Might strategy

Discussion in 'CivBE - Strategy & Tips' started by MAMoob, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. MAMoob

    MAMoob Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2014
    Sponsor: Chungsu. You can go with North Sea, but their bonus is borderline useless imo.

    Colonists: Engineers or Refugees. Engineers obviously help you build your army faster, but water cities lack food in the beginning, so Refugees are a decent option too.

    Spacecraft: Lifeform scaner - to spot strategic resources and alien nests.

    Cargo: Cryotome for free Virtue, but Worker is also an option.

    Why naval? Well, naval warfare works MUCH better than land. The first and the main reason is speed. Naval units with the 1st upgrade have 4 speed and there's no rough terrain on water, so compared to your average land army you usually move like 3 times as fast. Also, aquatic cities get +100% naval and -50% land military unit production. But production values kinda seem balanced around the land city values. So in aquatic city, you can get high power units very fast. You also can farm hydrocoral on water, nothing like that on land.

    Early tech order: Physics (for dry docks) -> Chemistry -> Biochemistry -> Ballistics -> Engineering -> Computing

    Virtue order: Might: Unit XP -> +%power vs aliens -> scavenging (your main source of science early on) -> +20% Affinity XP -> +1 Affinity level if you don't have purity 2 yet. You need 2 affinity (purity preferred) for upgraded gunboats. Then you can switch over to industry or max the might tree.

    Personality traits: Science from kills early on, then level up the character trait and Subtle. Get internal TR or production boost for domestic later on. You REALLY want the covert ops speed agreement with ARC. Chungsu are the best spies with +2 covert agents if they max their ops speed, but they are unable to do it without ARC.

    Artifact combos to look out for:
    +100% naval defence vs ranged
    +25% covert ops speed
    +50% air strength and +3 range (for carriers later on)
    Quantum politics/Machine assisted free will of course
    -30% military unit cost wonder (forgot the name)
    +10% all yields at war can be not bad too here

    BO: Patrol boat -> Old earth relic -> Worker -> Gunboat (s), build production buildings when available (dry dock, recycler, water refinery).

    Get purity 2 ASAP. Then proceed to purity 7 for 2nd gunboat upgrade and then 7/7 purity/supremacy for the final one.

    Do not build any cities of your own, just take them from your neighbours ASAP. It's very hard for AI to stop cruiser spam, especially if you got the +100% defence. You might be forced to found some new cities if no one lands in (relatively) close proximity, but this is quite rare.

    You don't need many science buildings, as you get it from scavenging + precision + agents. You want some production, but you also don't need a lot since cruisers are quite cheap to build in aquatic cities. 7/7 affinities are also quite cheap to get with the might tree bonuses, so in short you don't need much of anything. Once you have a big fleet of maxed out cruisers with some melee ships for taking cities you're pretty much set. You can add some carriers later on, but it's not necessary. You want some land cities for building aircraft in this case. Preferred victory type is domination, I managed to win in ~200 turns without trying to rush it, so it should be doable much faster. But you can also try another condition if your spy game is strong.

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