Navel of the world (postpangea) scenario.


Jul 18, 2022
The second map from me.

Difficulty level: highest (emperor)
Number of opponents: 6
Area of continents: Very Huge
The world consists one large continent and several smaller ones.
Start: 3980 BC

As the name suggests you are rather in the center of events.
From one direction the threat will come sooner, from others later or be lesser, but it is you who will have to deal with any enemy.

My advice (which of course you don't have to realize)
Quickly explore the area in search of huts, enemies and the best places for new cities.
Quickly expand the number of cities along with securing the extremity of your territory.
Your ally is the space you can acquire. If you seize it, the game will be easy. However, too little expansion, will cause your opponents to suffocate you.

Share your feedback after the game

I will not give a screenshot because I don't want to spoil the fun of discovering it and the dangers that await you.
Copy both files to the game directory (CIV1 DosBox):


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7th game timed : emperor, GPR map, 7 civ, end at 1779 : game won in 15h34'
Really tiring !!!

You people also let me know how did you do.
After all, I'm making maps for you who don't want to play AI-generated maps.

@Humungus Can you post a save? I'm curious what direction you went.

The game was supposed to be hard but doable.
When creating maps, I assume that they will be played by people who already know how to play in CIV and it's like an addition for them.
Like an extra mission on a harder difficulty level in other games.
Tiring means easy but arduous or were there difficulties because you were also in defense?
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I create maps because it's fun but also for people who don't want to play maps created by AI.
I hope you play this too. It's nice to know that my work wasn't in vain.

As I mentioned in one of the threads, I have already finished a few other scenarios, but they are waiting in line to be played to check whether they have bugs or are not too difficult.
I made a video of playing in this scenario myself (it's also on the forum) and I'm currently playing the "Navel of the world (pangea Talislanta) scenario" which I hope will soon be posted on the forum.
There are still a few ideas for the next scenarios in the queue.

ps. I actually created 5 Game of Thrones scenarios. Two of them will appear on the forum soon.
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