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nead help

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by jack13580, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. jack13580

    jack13580 Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2011
    im still kind of new but in my situation i am germans and started in a *$@#* spot and suffered for it but was able to get extreme good production from it

    i found i had no iron anywhere close to me and would have to fight my way through 2 civs to get to the nearest source which of course is controlled by the seconed civ persia

    starting building huge army to whipe out first civ portugal and make my way to the seconed civ that has the iron

    traded and got monarchy

    switched to monarchy

    first time this happened to me the unit support got cut in half my science cost was doubled but corruption went down and production increased signifigently

    attacked portugal with a small 67 horseman army and 12 spearmen to secure cities after capture

    lost almoset my whole army to 2 cities each with about 5-6 (regular) spearman and all my units are veteran which realy made me mad

    took portugals last city but discovered they soehow got 1 last one way the **** on the other side of the continent so made peace with them but deamanded everything they had

    of course i had to put science to 40 because of negative income and fell way behind in tech

    im pretty sure persia has medieval units by now which my horseman will get murdered if i fight them but i nead their iron

    do you guys think there is anyway i could ever win this battle?

    and just to tell you most my cities have a barracks which is murding income but helped my army

    what do you guys suggest?

    the save name is Man they got away because portugal somehow got 1 place on the other side of map

    Attached Files:

  2. Cyc

    Cyc Looking for the door...

    Mar 18, 2002
    Behind you
    You are really not in that bad of shape. You are in 2nd place by 58 points behind the Inca. But you are headed for disaster, IMHO. You have Temples in almost all of your cities and none are needed, so the first thing I did was sell all your Temples.

    Year 110BC, 202 gold, in Monarchy, had 75 units when only 42 were allowed for a unit cost of -33. Have feudalism, getting Monotheism in 18 turns.

    Russia is the only Tribe that can trade you some Iron, so I established an Embassy with them to soften them up. No sale, can't be done. You'll have to take it from Persia.

    So, I sold all your Temples, two Harbors that weren't being used (leaving 1 for the Incense trade with the Netherlands), disbanded a Galley, and moved all the Horses/ACs to the Barracks NW of Arebela. Arebela is the city you will attack first.

    I changed all of your production, most of which was wealth, to Marketplaces. You have 4 luxs (including the Incense). Your towns can get to size 6 no problem without Temples. With the Marketplaces even more. You are using Advanced Growth and Production, so the MP build time will be short. MPs will give you extra Happiness, even in a Monarchy. In 10BC, the Dutch ended the Incense trade, luckily I was able to trade the Inca some Ivory for Wines and a Territory Map.

    During the 13 turns, I rebuffed threats from Russia and the Ottoman, and both backed down. Persia wanted a lop-sided trade, which I refused. So I don't think any Tribe is going to bother you.

    As the MPs were built, followed by Libraries, your gpt and research rate increased. You researched Mono, then Chivalry. I then switched your Sun Tzu's to Knight's Templar (for a loss of two turn's shields). It's yours.

    You'll get Engineering in 5 turns (will help your horses). You'll get a Crusader every 5 turns (so you won't need the Iron to attack Persia). You have 26 Horses and 8 Ancient Cavalrys NW of Arebela. Get some Crusaders down there and attack Arebela (taking Leonardo's Workshop, hopefully). With Leonardo's you just need Newton's or the ToE for a Golden Age.

    Now 190AD, 405 gold, -17 unit costs, Engineering in 5, a Crusader every 5, Your Forbidden Palace completed, and you're almost ready to take out the Persians. Not bad for thirteen turns.

    BTW, you had almost all your Workers on auto. Not a real good way to approach your infrastructure. Better to manually tell them what to do. Took me a while to get them squared away. You need more Workers. And don't waste too much time clearing jungle so early in the game. One of your workers was going to take 46 turns to clear Jungle. Wait till you're in a better government for Worker rate and maybe after Replaceable Parts.

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