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Need Help in Earth 18 game

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by PierreBonaparte, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. PierreBonaparte

    PierreBonaparte Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2012
    -Chose India
    -Vanilla Civ 4
    -Difficulty Warlord ( i'm a newbie :))
    -Rushed persia in ancient age with elephants-only took iran and afganistan:(-Persia retained Kurdistan, Central Asia, and eastern antoalia
    -Once I had Cavs, I killed arabia, which had their peninsula, the levant, and iraq-they still have random cities in the sahara:mischief:
    -continue on to egypt, and take the northern nile valley-leave egypt with libya and algeria and eastern africa
    -finish off the persians-i find out they have a random city in siberia-ask cathy to finish my job for me.
    - I take a spanish city off the west caspian
    - I venture into europe to start WWI the sides are...
    -India (My empire)
    -Russia (Has European russia, except for the south)
    -France ( City-State)
    -Mali (has sub saharan africa. and is advancing into southern africa
    -Germany (Has Northeern Scandanavia,Germany, Eastern Europe, and a bit of Southern russia)
    -Rome ( Has Italy and the northern balkans, and settle ments off the western coast of africa
    -The war- I take the german city in southern russia. Then I advance to romania and raze an italian city that was the holy city of taoism (But nobody cares:lol:). I then advance to eastern europe to raze a german core city.the n i slowly tread through german territory to capture the grman capital. with germany humbled, i make peace with him and allow bismark to vacation off in northern scandanavia. My cavs continue down south and take rome and yugoslavia. Rome retains west africa and sicily
    Nobody else takes anything in the war
    - Indonesia (except for borneo)
    -The middle east
    -Egypt and Sudan
    -The Causcas ( please 4give the misspelling)
    -Northern Italy
    1US-Has canada, Great Lakes, and East Coast of US
    2Aztecs- Has rest of NA except for caribean and alaska
    3Inca- stuck in the mountains, if u know what I mean :groucho:
    4Engalnd-Has GB,Southern Scandanavia,Iceland, and Nambia
    6Germany- Northern scadanavia
    8Rome-Sicily and West Africa
    9Mali-Sub-saharan and expandiang into southern africa
    10Egypt- North Africa and East Africa
    11Russia-Russia west of the URal Mnts.
    12Greece-City State
    13 Arabia-Sahara
    14China-east asia (mainland)
    15 japan (East asian islands)
    16 mongolia (Mongolia and siberia)

    occupies most of asia and spreading to most of the new world
    Bhudism- A certain iberian ( as always)
    Mainland europe, except for greece and the hindu parts of russia
    Judaism-Greece, suprisingly
    occupies the rest of afroeurasia
    Christianity-occupies the English Empire
    spread randomly throughout the world
    Spread in chineses empire, and majority religion there
    Same as taoism

    Dominantion-far (dont remember %)
    Conquest-Only persians died
    Culture- two 5,000s and one 10,000
    Science- Major tech lead- (tanks vs muskets :help:)
    4 me


    not 4 me
    14 Rome
    15 Greeks
    16 spain
    I would like to know how I should win this game. Any advice would be appreciated, and feel free to ask questions.
  2. lindsay40k

    lindsay40k Emperor

    Mar 13, 2009
    I've had a Diplo win as Persia, which was done by massive Classical-Medieval African/Asian conquests, followed by a (successful) European Renaissance grindfest, then in the Industrial era gifting a Jewish city in the New World to Monty to get him on board the AP. Then my and my vassals' block vote forced through a Religious Victory. If you've been knocking heads, you'll perhaps struggle to persuade many self-ruling Civs to vote you winner, and if you've not been slaughtering everyone you meet you'll perhaps struggle to muster the votes yourself.

    So, I'd go for either rampaging Tankspam conquest (aim for Holy Cities as high priority for revenue to cover your growing upkeep), or else fly off to Space.

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