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Need Help! Noble Roosevelt on Earth 18!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Civman33, May 25, 2011.

  1. Civman33

    Civman33 Gunship Pilot

    Aug 14, 2008
    I'm back.

    So, despite my experience from Civ 4, I still find trouble playing as Roosevelt on the Earth 18 Civs map. Everytime I play, Monty overruns me as if he was taking a stroll. I know that cottages help but even then, still. Not to mention he always out-expands me.

    I just need some early game advice when facing Monty.
  2. coanda

    coanda Emperor

    May 12, 2009
    Three big options. Rush him, block off land, catapult warfare.

    Rushing: research Mining -> BW -> The Wheel -> IW, build a couple swords and a bunch of axes, kill him. Big problem isn't making the rush work, it's salvaging your economy after you rushed someone that far away.

    Blocking cities: Settle a city on the SE coast that forces him towards the mountains. Then just settle up the Mississippi faster than he can expand that way; the only land he'll have available to expand into to the north is incredibly food-poor. You'll still get almost all the nice land in North America (the key is settling the Mississippi before you backfill all the rest of the empty land though).

    Catapult warfare: Iron Working + Construction. Catapults and swords will make mincemeat of his jaguars and archers. You only need 3-4 cities for that.

    If you can't make one of these work, the problem is one of playing mechanics - you're just doing everything too slowly, which means you could probably benefit from some general playing pointers.
  3. i_imperator

    i_imperator Imperator

    Feb 17, 2009
    Warrior rushes are possible on monty, but you have to time it by T35 or something. And you need about 6 warriors. Try and get some important wonders, i'd reccomend checking out mad scientist's earth game in his next gen RPC's, there's some very intresting spoilers there that can help you. Here's the link.
  4. huerfanista

    huerfanista Emperor

    Dec 25, 2006
    I've had the most success (at emperor) by teching BW, building axes, and choking him until I get construction. In fact, I'll often go for a worker steal with the starting warrior, then choke until axes arrive (4 axes will do it), let him build archers until construction comes in. That way, he only has 1 city and you're free to grab as much good land as you want. It should be pretty easy on noble.
  5. cas

    cas Emperor

    Jul 30, 2002
    On noble, you should be able to use 1-2 warriors and keep him pinned and bulding military (warriors/archers) while you expand normal and outpace him in tech. Worker steal if you can, of course.

    Monty has pretty high attack courage (I think) so I would start with one warrior and reinforce it with another one by the time he has archers. Keep your initial warrior in the defensive bonus tiles (hills/forest/jungle) around his capital.

    I'm not familiar with the Earth18 map, but I assume he has some hills/forest/jungle around his capital.


    edit: I just read the AI gets a hammer bonus on Earth 18, so maybe the strat would not work as good as I thought. But I think you could still slow him down stealing a worker or keeping his worker pinned and limiting his expansion until you have stronger military units.

    edit2: I tried this method and it works just fine. You can worker-steal from Monty around turn14 on his deer NW of his capital, the get peace turn 20. Then worker-steal again around turn36-38...usually on the corn NE of his capital. You'll need two warriors down there at that point because his attack courage is high and he will go after your solo warrior on flat ground (corn worker-steal).
    Settled 1W of start position. tech order was hunting-mining-BW-myst-masonary. Then I would probably go med-writing, but I didn't play any more. build order was worker-warrior-warrior-wb-warrior-settler-Stonehenge with some chops on the settler/Shenge. That's cutting it close on Shenge, though...so I might delay the settler a couple of turns and get SHenge out faster. 2nd city was out around 2600BC NW of the capital near the two corn. Then you're going to have an easy time out-expanding Monty and blocking him with Shenge giving you slow border pops on all your cities and your two main cities having good food. Capital has plenty of production/mines also.

    Worker stealing keeps the AI from having high food/production tiles to get settlers out. And then the AI wastes turns rebuilding workers and more warriors/archers rather than building settlers. On noble you don't have to worry too much about an EARLY couter-attack towards your cities.

    Once you keep the AI pinned to one city for 50 turns, you should have ~4 cities and a tech lead... Then you can attack him with cats and axes/swords later. Just have to keep an eye out for him sending a stack your way.

  6. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Did the advice help or do you want something more specific? I did a few starts and can make a few guesses as to where people might falter.

    If you want, I can start a game of America on Earth18 and put a start on the map. I can post it either here or in a new thread. That way you can see a game posted that you want to play and see the forum rip the player's strategies to shreds. I should be home by evening (Central USA) and can start one up.

    Would you like to see Noble / America / Earth18 with all settings standard?
  7. Civman33

    Civman33 Gunship Pilot

    Aug 14, 2008
    It's up to you if you are going to make a walkthrough.

    If so, yes, Earth18/Roosy/Noble w/ standard settings.

    I tend to falter as Monty always attacks unexpectedly, usually at around 300 B.C. Either I fall behind in tech - despite cottage spamming - or I get destroyed by him. It's too much for me to handle.

    I have recently tried to block off Monty in my recent game as Roosevelt, but he snuck a few cities through.

    Currently, it is 200 AD. If I weren't posting on my PS3 I would post the save.
  8. pigswill

    pigswill fly (one day)

    Apr 29, 2006
    berkshire, england
    Noble normal. Went WB> archer*3>worker> Gwall (2180). Choking Monte with hilltop archers. Tech: hunting, archery, mining, masonry, BW.
  9. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Okay, here is the very start of my game, Roosevelt of the USA, Noble with Standard Settings, as shown below. There is also an initial save attached.

    EDITS: I have gone over the start a few times and have some later observations.

    Spoiler :

    Here is the starting situation:

    Spoiler :

    Based on my imprecise measurements of the coastline, I would say that my Pilgrims have landed around Norfolk, VA and the Warriors are somewhere in Pennsylvania.

    The warriors went 1N to visit the locals somewhere around Upstate New York and have recovered a map.

    I settled 1W around Roanoke, VA since the best advice I could think of was....

    Go West, young man, and find your fortune!

    Spoiler :

    Starting a Worker or a Work Boat is an either / or in this case. By starting with the Worker, I can develop the Deer Camp and then have the worker going on a Mine and a Marble Quarry. The Work Boat start would have given me more time to develop worker techs.

    Research Plan:

    Spoiler :

    My Pilgrims start with knowledge of Agriculture and Fishing (likely from the locals) so I will start research off with Hunting and start building a Worker.

    The initial plan for Research is to develop the Worker Techs.
    Hunting - Mining - Masonry - Bronze Working

    EDIT: I am skipping Masonry now. I can just farm the Marble until I need it. I may actually never need that particular Marble.

    After that, The Wheel - Pottery
    The Granaries will help the Slave Economy and you will see this later.
    Pottery also opens the door for cottaging.

    Since there are no animal resources besides Deer, I can safely skip Animal Husbandry. If I skip Archery and build only Melee units then I will need Iron Working

    EDIT: I found I just breathe easier if I just research Archery. This gives me time and room to do what I want. With Granaries, I can whip Workers and Settlers every ten turns and slow build Archers in between.

    There is Iron somewhere near Pittsburg, PA and I can get that up and running fast.

    Sailing will be next and if I am in a position to build the Great Lighthouse, I will try it. There is pretty steep competition in Europe since they are crowded and in the New World here there is so much space to expand.
    EDIT: I also might as well throw in Mysticism. There will be a couple of places where I just need that Monument.

    After that it is Writing - Alphabet - Currency - Code of Laws

    This should take me close to Turn 100. Later objectives will be Metal Casting, Construction, and Monarchy. The Religion techs if I win the race to Code of Laws.

    The near term goal is to settle a city near Lousiana so that I have early access to both the Deer and the Fish. This needs to be done before the Aztecs get there.

    Here is what I did up to 2160BC (Turn 46)

    Spoiler :

    T0 - I moved the Warrior 1N and grabbed a map from the goodie hut. The warrior will race for the hut that is further west. I settled 1W at what I think is Roanoke, VA and started building a Worker. I started research on Hunting since there is a Deer Resource straight to the south.

    T6 - Hunting - Reserach Mining

    T8 - Encountered Aztecs and they beat me to the goodie hut.

    T9 - Somebody founded Buddhism. It is most likely Isabella of Spain.

    T10 - Somebody founded Hinduism. This could be Saladin.

    T12 - Worker Built - Start Work Boat.

    T14 - Mining - Research Masonry.
    For my own future note, it might be good to save Masonry for later and just go after Bronze Working. Then I would be able to chop the forests and mine and get this settler out much sooner than I did.

    T16 - Deer Camp is complete.

    T18 - Roanoke grows to Size 2.

    T21 - Here I passed up an opportunity to steal a worker. There are a few consequences here. Obviously I start a war but it is so early in the game there is little the Aztecs can do if I fortify the Warrior in a Forested Hill. I would gain a Worker and the Aztecs would lose a Worker. However I gather that you want to lead the good honest hardworking American people to glory so you do not want to do this. Here is a picture that shows how it is done.

    T22 - Completed a mine near Pittsburgh, PA. (It is halfway between Lake Erie and where I say Washington really is.)

    T23 - A forest grows SW of Roanoke, around Atlanta, GA. This is going to slow down by one turn my second city.

    T24 - Masonry - Research Bronze Working
    Work Boat Complete - Start Warrior
    I decided to grow to Size 4 before building the Settler. As shown below, this is a nearly critical delay.

    T26 - Warrior built - Start another Warrior
    This warrior will guard the future city site.

    T28 - Roanoke grows to Size 4.
    From a micromanagement standpoint I can get the settler out one turn sooner by holding off on the warrior and starting the Settler.

    T29 - Warrior Built - Start Settler.
    This warrior will guard the way to a third city which will be in the Midwest.
    The Marble Quarry is complete.

    T34 - Bronze Working - Reserach the Wheel.
    Slavery will wait until I have a Settler in Transit. This gets my Settler out a little sooner.

    T36 - Farm complete in Norfolk, VA
    Again from a micromanagement point of view, I could have stopped this worker and moved him one turn ahead of the Settler.

    T37 - Settler complete - Start another Settler.
    The Settler and Worker are now heading towards Louisiana.
    Revolt into Slavery - Well it looks like so far I have founded Southern cities.

    T40 - Founded Lafayette, LA. It will build its own Work Boat. I changed the slider to 50% to raise about enough money to get to Pottery.

    Races do not come any closer than this! The Aztecs settled 1W on the River.

    T41 - The Wheel - Research Pottery

    T44 - Deer Camp complete near Lafayette.

    T46 - Pottery - Research Iron Working
    Settler Built - Start Granary

    Here is my situation at Turn 46:

    I have two cities (Sizes 4 and 2) 1 Worker, 1 Settler, and 3 Warriors.

    This is the very early part of the game - Setting up the tools for expansion.

    I have Bronze Working and Pottery - Therefore I can run a slave economy to convert food into hammers and get some expansion happening. The Granaries make this conversion about twice as efficient. Pottery also allows for Cottages which may help later in the game when I need to pay for all this expansion.

    EDIT: I will be making another post that will go through Turns 0 through 75, or up to 1000BC.

    Attached Files:

  10. Civman33

    Civman33 Gunship Pilot

    Aug 14, 2008
    Thanks, Harv.

    What I usually make the mistake of doing is building my 2nd city near the Boston/Concord area 2 East or 1 East. 1 South of Lake Ontario.
  11. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    What is nice about the site you are talking about is you get two seafood resources out of the same city site. The drawback is they are both two tiles away from the city and you therefore need a monument. You can whip or chop it pretty quckly then have another ten turns to wait anyway. This is a price to pay for not being Creative.

    The site I chose in Louisiana has a Deer and a Fish resource right next to it. The worker will chop the Work Boat and then move northward. It should not take very long for Lafayette to grow to Size 4 and build the Granary.

    I was "lucky" to get it. Hindsight says I should have reserached Bronze Working earlier and started the Settler earlier and do everything I can to get that settler sooner.

    My next site is in Iowa next to the two Corn resources off of Lake Michigan.

    If I can grab a Gold or Fur resource then these cities can whip out Settlers and Workers with a two pop whip about every 10 turns. Right now either I have to be creative with my builds or put up with a little bit of unhappiness or settle for smaller whips.

    So the near term plan is to Whip up the Granaries, slow build military, and Whip Workers and Settlers.

    ADDIT: I just looked again at where the Aztecs were going to settle their second city. That site is a monster! It has access to two Corn, one Deer, and one Fish for a total of four food resources, or three since it shares a resource with Tenochtitlan. Also if you look at Tenochtitlan, the city square has 2 production. So this is the machine you are fighting against it. An aggressive city placement is just a start.

    ADDIT2: I reloaded the start and tried a few things different. I researched Hunting - Mining - Bronze Working, skipping Masonry. Instead of building the Mine and the Marble Quarry, I built a Farm and a Mine in time for Bronze Working. Then I chopped a forest North of Roanoke. Then I whipped the Settler.

    This shaved an entire 5 Turns from founding Lafayette. Since the forest in Georgia did not grow, that was another turn. So Lafayette got founded in Turn 34. With a little bit of Micromanagement we might be able to get that down some more.

    EDIT: Sorry I am a bit slow on this. I was a bit occupied over the weekend. I have a game up to Turn 64 and I am taking some pictures to review some mechanics. So far I am up to five cities and should have a sixth one up by Turn 75. This will span a good bit of the Eastern and central part of the USA. After that I will settle a site in Canada by the Copper and the Fur. There is a lot of competition (with Louis and Lizzy) for the Great Lighthouse, but it will make expansion much easier.

    Did some of this help? Are you getting better at your Roosy game?
  12. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Sorry about the double post ^^ above. I played with the scenario a little bit to see if I could optimize the start.
    Here are the first 75 turns of my game starting from the Initial Save, above:

    A lot of images are inside the spoiler.

    Spoiler :

    Turn 0 - Moved the Warrior 1N to Buffalo, NY and got the map.
    Moved the Settler 1W and founded Charlotte, NC and started a Worker.
    Started Research on Hunting.

    Turn 6 - Hunting - Research Mining.

    Turn 8 - Encountered Montezuma of the Aztecs - and he got to the Goody Hut (at Lincoln, NE) first.

    Turn 9 - Somebody (probably Isabella of Spain) founded Buddhism.

    Turn 10 - Somebody (probably Saladin of Arabia) founded Hinduism.

    Turn 12 - Worker built in Charlotte - Start Work Boat.
    The Warrior finished an exploration tour along the forests and fortifies in Baton Rouge to await a Settler.

    Turn 14 - Mining - Research Bronze Working.

    Turn 16 - Deer Camp complete in Columbia, SC.

    Turn 22 - Farm complete on the Marble at Louisville, KY.

    Turn 24 - Work Boat complete in Charlotte - Start Warrior.

    Turn 28 - Warrior complete in Charlotte - Start Settler.
    A forest fire burned in Nashville, TN so I spent 10g and rebuilt it.

    Hindsight says I should have saved myself 6g and one worker turn and let it clear.
    The mine at Pittsburgh, PA is completed.

    Turn 29 - Bronze Working - Research The Wheel.
    The revolt into Slavery will wait until the Settler is built and on route.

    Turn 32 - Forest cleared at Charlestown, WV.

    At this stage, anything that gives hammers is good. That I could have waited to Mathematics to collect 10 more hammers is secondary.
    Besides, there will be a mine here a good while before that.

    Turn 34 - Settler in Charlotte - Start Settler.
    Revolt into Slavery.

    Turn 36 - Founded Baton Rouge.

    This will set a border with the Aztecs. Eventually there will be some culture fighting and border tension.

    Turn 37 - The Wheel - Research Pottery.
    Cleared forest in Jackson, MS.

    Turn 41 - Work Boat in Baton Rouge - Start Warrior.

    Turn 42 - Pottery - Research Archery.
    Deer Camp complete at Lafayette, LA.

    Turn 43 - Settler in Charlotte - Start Granary.

    Turn 44 - Whipped Granary in Charlotte.
    A forest grew to delay my Worker on route to the Corn in Chicago, IL.

    This is one of the first things to whip. A granary basically doubles the rate of growth in a city.
    It works very well with Slavery.

    Turn 45 - Granary in Charlotte - Start Warrior.

    Here is the whip overflow from the Granary. The whip cost 2 population.
    All of the overflow from the Settler and the previous turn overflowed into this build.

    Founded Des Moines.

    Turn 46 - Archery - Research Sailing.
    Warrior in Charlotte - Build Archer.

    Turn 48 - Started Granary in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 49 - Somebody (I cannot even guess!) founded Judaism.
    Whipped the Granary in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 50 - Granary in Baton Rouge.
    Farm complete in Chicago, IL.
    Start Settler in Charlotte.

    Here I am slowing down my growth and setting up another whip overflow.
    You will see this used a lot in Baton Rouge and Des Moines as I start and whip Workers.
    The conversion of food to hammers is not very efficient, but the food surpluses of these cities is nothing short of huge.

    Turn 51 - Warrior in Baton Rouge - Start Archer.

    Turn 52 - Started Worker in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 53 - Somebody (I am guessing Louis of France.) build Stonehenge.

    Turn 54 - Sailing - Research Mysticism.
    Whipped Settler in Charlotte.

    Turn 55 - Settler in Charlotte.

    How is that for whip overflow?

    Turn 56 - Archer in Charlotte - Start Lighthouse.
    Corn Farm complete in Green Bay, WI.

    Turn 58 - Mysticism - Research Masonry.
    Worker in Baton Rouge.
    Whipped Granary in Des Moines.
    Started Settler in Charlotte.

    Turn 59 - Granary in Des Moines - Start Archer.
    Founded Gilette, WY.
    Granted I am abusing geography, but as far as I can tell from nearby features, this is nowhere!

    Turn 60 - Started Worker in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 61 - Whipped Worker in Baton Rouge.
    Started Worker in Des Moines.
    Corn Farm complete in Chadron, NE.

    Turn 62 - Worker in Baton Rouge.
    Somebody (Louis often does this!) built the Great Wall.
    Whipped Settler in Charlotte.

    Turn 63 - Masonry - Research Iron Working.
    Archer in Baton Rouge - Start Worker.
    All of this production came from whip overflow.

    Turn 64 - Lighthouse in Charlotte - Start The Great Lighthouse.
    Forest cleared at the Gold - I think I deforested Yellowstone.
    Founded New York.

    Turn 65 - Monument in Gilette - Start Granary.

    Turn 66 - Worker in Des Moines.
    Gold Mine complete in Gilette.

    Turn 67 - Worker in Baton Rouge - Start Monument.
    Started Worker in Des Moines.

    Turn 68 - Whipped Worker in Des Moines.
    Start Settler in Charlotte.

    Turn 69 - Worker in Des Moines.
    Started Worker in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 70 - Archer in Des Moines. Start Archer.
    Whipped Worker in Baton Rouge.

    Turn 71 - Worker in Baton Rouge
    Chopped the Forest in Atlanta, GA.
    Whipped Settler in Charlotte.

    Turn 72 - Iron Working - Research Writing.
    Monument in Baton Rouge - Start Lighthouse.
    Archer in Des Moines - Start Settler.
    Settler in Charlotte.
    Chopped the Forest in Columbus, OH.
    Whipped the Granary in Gilette.

    Turn 73 - Granary in Gilette - Start Barracks.
    Iron Mine complete in Columbus, OH.

    Turn 74 - Work Boat in New York - Start Granary.
    Chopped Forest in Cincinatti, OH.

    Turn 75 - The Great Lighthouse in Charlotte - Start Settler.

    Roosevelt is Industrious and Organized, so he has the best discount to the Great Lighthouse.
    There is a whole bunch of North and South America and some Islands so I am planning to abuse this.

    Founded Augusta, ME.

    Here is my military situation at Turn 75:

    6 Cities
    7 Workers
    4 Warriors
    4 Archers
    The Great Lighthouse

    Three more Settlers are on the way to include some Canada in the union.
    You can tell I am running out of great city sites, eh?
    One is going to Thunder Bay, ON to claim the Fur.
    Moosonee, ON to claim the Copper.
    Sydney, NS for another seafood resource.

    Then I might claim Helena, MT to claim Silver and that will open up the two remaining city sites on the West Coast.

    Currently researching Writing. After that, I am thinking of:
    Currency - The extra trade route should help the economy some more.
    Code of Laws - Organized / Cheap Lighthouses - Why not?
    Metal Casting - Industrious = Cheap Forges

    I should be able to build the Colossus very cheap and allow me to build cities pretty much anywhere.

    If I get Confusianism I might go after the Religious techs.
    This also opens the door to Monarchy.
    Monarchy + Slavery = Whip Abuse.

    If I am taking out Monty, Construction is not that far away.
    The prizes are a few good city sites + a good location for Stone.

    Options are open at this point.

    A save at Turn 75 is attached.

    Attached Files:

  13. elmurcis

    elmurcis Emperor

    Feb 16, 2011
    Maybe newbie advice, but if I play Roosevelt, than its Settler 1st (I know, its propably little bit of gambling, but you have warrior for defence) and I build my 2nd city on coast right to north from Tenocth (with access to Corn+Silver+Spices). Later with enough culture it is possible to take over also 2nd Corn tile... (still - 1st military for that city, only than culture)
  14. Ataxerxes

    Ataxerxes Deity

    Jul 29, 2009
    That's a little dangerous next to a psycho with a resourceless UU. You're also going to have maintenance on a faraway city. I would settle Louisiana and the great plains and take out Monty later. Remember, he usually doesn't tech well. I also hate settler first - I want a little growth and then pump out a few in quick succession.
  15. pigswill

    pigswill fly (one day)

    Apr 29, 2006
    berkshire, england
    Having another go at this.

    Turn 50 (2000bc):
    Spoiler :

    Got Stonehenge for free monuments (costs 80 hammers for industrious, only needs 3 monuments to make a profit. Two cities founded so far. Only got warriors, going for IW for axes or maybe even sword rush vs Monte.

    If anyone's remotely interested I'll do a detailed turnlog.
  16. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    Actually I thought I was going to get chewed for having 6 Cities, but only 7 Workers when I should have 9. Therefore, New York has seen no development whatsoever and then I just founded Augusta.

    By that reasoning I would have been better off to whip a Worker instead of a Settler and be at a much better ratio of 5 Cities and 8 Workers. Even better would have been to hold off on New York and keep building Workers and Chopwhipping The Great Lighthouse. Then I could build a Settler and follow right up with a Work Boat and a small army of Workers and each of these cities would be up and running with a Food Source and a Granary.

    Regarding the Turn Log: The only reason I gave a turn log for my games is because I thought the problem the OP was having was mechanical as Coanda mentioned. Without a saved game to verify, I thought it would be good to demonstrate the mechanics of chopping and whipping in the early game to turn a huge number of surplus into a huge number of hammers.

    America starts with a lot of green tiles and a couple of food sources and sources of happiness are pretty far away. So you are going to be at your happy cap with a food surplus and you have to know what to do with it.

    Here is a general comment about posts about Earth18 Games - These posts attract approximately the same group of people. Who would be interested in either hosting or seeing featured Earth18 games (kind of like Nobles Club) so that we can discuss strategies and compare games?
  17. Civman33

    Civman33 Gunship Pilot

    Aug 14, 2008
    Ok, so I played a little bit of a shadow game using your advice.

    Spoiler :
    I am going Hunting - Mining - Bronze Working - Masonry - Wheel - Pottery - Iron Working.

    I am attempting to settle Baton Rouge/Lafayette before Monty can reach the Rio Grande. The site that Monty settles on is an absolute beast, so you must always try and beat him there. He won the race, so I settled New Orleans 1 SE of Baton Rouge/Lafayette.

    Currently, I am researching The Wheel. Turn 37, 2520 BC.

    Also, an Earth 18 series does sound good. Neal did one a while back (though he hasn't been on in a year!). I recommend Epic speed for the series.
  18. Harv

    Harv Emperor Supporter

    Dec 16, 2008
    The fact you said you stated it is Turn 37 and settled New Orleans does show that the Aztecs are pretty quick to get that Settler going.

    I have some more ideas for you to try:

    1. If you post a Warrior on a Forested Hill north of Tenochtitlan then you will see the Aztecs coming to settle Houston, TX. That way you will know if you are going to win the race or not.

    2. Maybe it is just as good or better if you lose the race. Then you can settle Des Moines, IA. New Orleans can wait. To claim the Deer you still need to build a Monument first and he has a head start. In that case your Settler after that can go to Wyoming and claim the Gold.

    3. If you are feeling particularly ruthless and you plant the Warrior on the hill like I suggest and you see his worker farming the Corn to the SE you can just go ahead and grab him. If you get away with it, then your warrior can just take cover in the Hills and you can run the worker back to your civilization and you have an extra Workers. This is called Worker Stealing.

    The consequence is you start a war with the Aztecs but you greatly increase your odds of getting the city site you want. I still suspect you do not like the idea very much. That's okay, me neither. :)

    4. When you get to about 1000BC try posting a save. We can give you much more specific and helpful information.
  19. elmurcis

    elmurcis Emperor

    Feb 16, 2011
    Thats true - he is dangerous...
    And about teching - if will give good place for growing, also Monty will research enough good...
    There screenshot from last game I played as Roosevelt.. Got so far (can't compare to Normal speed, cause playing Marathon, sorry), as said - 2nd city New York next to Tenocth. there I got 3 wonders done (GLB, GLH and ToA); 3 other wonders in Washington (Oracle, Colosus and Parthenon. Already had 1st war with Aztecs, likely I managed to survive 1st wave, (nice slavery :D , sorry citizens), cause already made Philadelphia (real life Denver) as military units center (nice Marble where to placed it+Corn from Plains+Gold on plain hills+2 forested plain hills.. nice hammers, together with Heroic Epic - great)
    Most interesting thing is that Monty found Budhism, I found Hindu and Juda and Confuc. :D so not yet any religion in Europe or Asia...
  20. pigswill

    pigswill fly (one day)

    Apr 29, 2006
    berkshire, england
    Some thoughts on getting started (noble normal). I'm setting up for grabbing SH then sword rush vs Monte.
    Spoiler :

    Warrior goes NE to grab hut then up to great lakes, heads down through great plains, says hello to Monte then heads back to New Orleans by T28.
    T0. Settle IW (north of deer) to grab marble. Start WB working deer.
    T1. Research hunting.
    T6 Hunting>mining.
    T8 Washington pop 2, 16 hammers for WB, work deer+forest hill for 4H.
    T9. WB 20 hammers, swop to 2*forest hills for 5H.
    T11. WB>worker, work deer+marble.
    T12. WB on clams, work deer+clams.
    T14. Mining>BW.
    T20. Worker>settler. Worker moves to improve deer.
    (its a bit of micro but it saves a turn on WB and another turn on worker. If you're competing for a spot then the turns add up).
    T25. Deer camped, move worker to forest hill 1N of washington.
    T26. BW>myst (for stonehenge). Worker starts chopping.
    T29. Worker starts mining hill.
    T30 Settler>warrior. Revolt to slavery, anarchy, settler heads west.
    T32. Found Lafayette on grassland forest N of fish, E of deer. Overlaps 1 tile with Washington, overlapping borders and rivers means instant free trade route without sailing.

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