Need help to finish a thomas war's ww2 scenario


Sep 10, 2010
Hello everyone!

I love Thomas War and I'm making a WW2 scenario for it. It is placed in january 1943.
Here's what's happenning in this scenario:

-The battle of Stalingrad;
-The Guadalcanal campaign;
-The North-African campaign;
-The battle of the Atlantic;
-The siege of Leningrad;
-The battle of the Barents Sea;
-The battle of Burma;
-Most of Thomas War's leaders, civilizations, wonders, religions, special units and buildings are placed historically;
-Most of the battleships, heavy cruisers and aircraft carriers are named historically;
-Using of great people (for example, Einstein-Great scientist, Edgar Hoover-Great Spy) and great generals (for ex: Erwin Rommel commanding a panzer division);
-Presence of independent units (like Mao Zedong, Sweden, Lassa and jews) as barbarians;
-Presence of missionaires (like Mahatma Gandi, Dalai Lama, Pope);
-Some special WW2 units, like Katyusha and Me262.

Here's the list of the countries:
-United Kingdom;
-Nazi Germany;
-United States of America;
-Empire of Japan;
-Fascist Italy;
-Republic of China;
-Lowland Countries;
-Saudi Arabia;
-Iberian League;
-Republic of Turkey;
-Gran Colombian League;

I've just used the world builder to make this scenario. So, i need some help to improve it! Here is what i think it shold be improved:

-Some leaders names ain't right (Like Lazaro Cardenas wasn't the leader of Mexico at that time. Same thing with Juan Gomez);
-The start year ain't right. It must be January, 1943 AD;
-I also need someone to balance the number of units each country have for me, in order to improve game play and historical events;
-I would like to write a description of the scenario, but i don't know how. That text shoud appear in the main menu, were the scenario is choosen.

Note: This scenario only needs Thomas War's mod and a good pc ;)

So, i'm gonna wait for some feedback, i really need some outside help to finish this scenario. I tried to upload the file but it apears "invalid file".. :mad:
Here is my e-mail, anyone interested can email me, then i will send my scenario.

One more thing, sorry for my bad english! :crazyeye:

Master Calhau

Hell Hawk

Apr 2, 2006
One more thing, sorry for my bad english! :crazyeye:

Master Calhau

Yeah, you must of missed the "This forum is for completed scenarios only." before you posted in the wrong forum.


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Oct 22, 2008
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At your you know how to modify maps with a text editor?
Rightclick on it, open with wordpad/notepad, and then you will see everything as text there. you can exchange leaders and rename them, i guess that should partially help (i'm not quite sure what you want to do).
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