Need some help with PediaIcons.txt

Ed O'War

Dec 11, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
I'm trying to incorporate one of Blue O's units into my game. Everything has gone fine so far, but when I try to make an entry in the PediaIcons.txt file to tell the game where to look for the small and large Powered Infatnry.pcx, I get a message that says someting like 'Not enough memory to complete this action. Please close one or more applications'. I know my computer isn't out of memory, because all of my other programs work just fine.

I also tried replacing an existing entry for a unit I was going to delete, but I got the same message.

Looking at S3ds Alien Legacy mod, I see he was able to modify this file to add his new units. So, what am I missing here? Is there something else I need to do first to modify PediaIcons.txt? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Are you using WordPad or Notepad to edit the file? WordPad seems to work fine for me, but I do remember getting that exact error before. I'm not sure if it was Wordpad that gave me that error, but I've since done a ton of editing of Civilopedia.txt and Pediaicons.txt in WordPad without any problems.
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