Need some helping hands on this overhaul mod I have in mind [Civilized to Savagery]

The Grimwar

Jul 3, 2017
Ok, so, this mod gives the Civ V games some pretty interesting changes, among them are.

A reworking of many Civ's unique traits, for example...

Rome on top of their unique has a 33% chance to permanently gain the ability to build another civilization's unique when they successfully capture a city without razing or puppeting it, imagine Roman a Roman city with both ducal Stables and Kreposts! Or to gain a military city State's unique.

And Assyria, on top of their normal abilities, has the option to raze the city, but relocate the citizens to their own cities, as per their resettlement policy they enacted in real life.

Some changes to what units can do so that they're not all one note, for example, an ancient ruin explored by a scout will statistically have a higher benefit than when they're explored by other units.

An upgrade to many buildings that though minor, will add more nuance and flavor.

for example, Granaries give a 5 point boost to the city they're built in's healing factor.

An overhaul of certain game mechanics involving war, specifically, capturing cities and clearing encampments.

fotr example, when you clear a barb encampment, on top of the small bonus, you should also acquire all of the gold pillaged by barbarian units from that encampment. When the encampment is destroyed, the surviving barbarian's gold they pillage afterward will go to another encampment.

So, those are it, this is practice for me before working on a mod Civ of my own, and which should I do first, the buildings? The abilities? Or the barbs?

I think one of the biggest changes I plan on implementing is that depending on how many times a city is attacked, units built in that city afterward gets an XP boost, the exp boost lasts until the next era, though there's a chance a small amount of it will remain in the next era. I plan on altering the American's Unique Ability to account for this change due to our origin.

And if a city is being attacked for long enough, a militia unit is automatically spawned, militia units are like regular units, except that they are weaker, cost no maintenance, and have a chance to come with certain 'promotions' that will cause detrimental effects for the unit that will remain until upgraded into a real military unit, because well...they're militia.
What sort of help are you looking for?
Well, the coding, I have a pretty good idea of what I want the mod to be, but I don't know how to code at all. But before we work on this mod, can you make something else? It's just a simple mod that is made for use alongside the Barbarians Evolved mod in mind but can stand on its own.

Ok so, when I use Raging Barbarians, that makes them an actual threat, however, when combined with Barbarians Evolved, every time I play I notice all of the other civilizations being overrun, this continues until I get the domination victory screen.

What I want is for there to be a mod that increases the rate of barbarians spawning, but their spawn rate is not to the point where Raging Barbarians is checkmarked. I'd like for this mod to decrease the barbarian spawn rate to halfway between normal and raging when raging is checkmarked.

I want this mod to be compatible and account for the Epic speed normal production mod, and as many other mods as possible.

Or maybe I need to play a game populated by Civs with OP military capabilities.
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