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needing suggestions for new mod


Jan 4, 2002
i'm creating a new mod in which each civ has its own unique unit and another for its 2 civspecific abilities.
for example, i already have the general for militaristic, the prophet for religious and a settler that treats all terrain as roads for expansionist(all civs can now produce scouts)
i still need a special unit for industrious, commercial, and scientific
i am also hoping to have units for each culture type(greco-roman, asian, blah blah blah)
pllssssssssss give some suggestions
Industrious-- combat engineer, with defense of 2.
Commercial-- merchant ship, with move of 4.
Couldn't think of anything for science, sorry.
I'm not sure what you are looking for, but here are some ideas:
For each civ type have a unit that generates more of the same. In other words, for a scientific civ, have scientists which are much like the scientist on the city screen, but maybe have them give a +1 science, and +1% science for the city. Same for culture, have units that generate culture. These would be great to bring to captured cities. If you are thinking more in terms of big units like armies, then make the bonuses bigger, like +10 science and +10% but have them cost as much as an army to build and limit the number of these units. If they are small units, I suggest these units have a defense of 1, attack 0, and movement 1, so they could be used instead of garrisons.

What characteristics or stats did you have in mind for the prophet and general? Especially the prophet.
The prophet can be used to rush projects (work faster and God will be with you!). I know this seems unfair but it makes it more neccessary to be a religious to get more wonders and it is quite true religious civilizations tend to have more monuments. Prophets appear after monotheism is researched . The prohet also has "radar" ability as prophets are supposed to be able to predict the future, they should be able to "sense" danger as well since they have no attack or defense.

The general has adm of 7.4.2(3) (treats all terrain as roads), can attack multiple times in a turn, can create armies, and can be produced after researching chivalry. This too might seem totally unfair but it makes it almost a neccessity to be miltaristic if one wishes to go war(in fact why should a civ be militaristic if it never ever goes to war?).

How do you make a new kind of citizen on the city screen that only certain civs can have it? Also, can anyone think of better ways to let the new units not unbalance the game so much?
If those are the lines you are thinking about, I have a few ideas.

For scientific civs, a great scientist that gives chance per turn of turning up an advance (rushing a tech) or produces ten beakers per turn. For commercial, have a great trader that adds 50% to the gold production in a city or ten free gold per turn. For industrious, a great builder that generates ten shields per turn immune from corruption.

Your idea for prophet seems more fitting for industrious. Maybe limit their bonus to wonders, or have them do something like 10 culture per turn (which is a ton). A few culture prophets would be more dangerous than 20+ calvary.

If you get real ambitious you can have each unit have special missions. Like a great prophet has a chance of flipping a city, or a great trader has a chance of swindling an enemy civ out of 50% of their gold for nothing.

All of these ideas would be hard to balance out, and the game would be very different. If you want to make the game feel more similar to the basic game, scale down the values and the shield costs of these special units.
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