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Negotiating mutual protection pacts

Redneck Jedi

Feb 25, 2002
Fort Smith, Ar
Im new to the game but i do have the strategy guide and no where in it can i find how you ask other civs to bargan with me for mutual protection alliances!! other civs are ganging up on me big time~! in the screen where you do all your negotiations like tradeing resources like wine, silk, or citys and research there is never any kind of diplomatic type choices for me to chose from. how do i do this? if anyone can help please reply or icq me. and is there anyway to change the name of your leader when your elite troops get a victory and a leader is born? like you can name your citys whatever you want why cant you rename your leaders?

ok thats all the questions for now i guess.
RJ :king:
You need an embassy with the civs you want MPP with. Go to your capital (pree 'h'), click the star icon next to it. Select the civ you want, pay up - presto, the options will be there under Diplomatic Agreements

can`t change leader names - more`s the pity!
oh, btw: the reason for not renaming leaders is simple: they are a single person, and well, would you like it if I juat go and say: "You now are named Brian, which means as much as Brian!" and then thats the name your stuck with?????

Seriously, leaders never stick around long. They either go for building an army or rushing a Wonder, so why name them at all????
oooohhhh! ok now i see why i couldnt sign any MPP`s and stuff, i had no embassys DOH! thanks for the tip.
another thing i was wondering , is there a way to "Stack" a group of units workers or combat units and make them move and work togather in the stack so that i move all 3 or 4 or however many units all at once insted of all this micro management. i know with combat units that would be like an army so i dont know if its possible to stack units and then ad or subtract units from the stack when i need to.
and the deal about renaming leaders i just thought it would be cool to have Irwin Rommel leading my panzers in battle, not a big deal. and i also read somewhere that if you renamed a leader "lemur" that it gives you a bunch of gold. hey anything to win im not to good to cheat a little if im losing bad. LOL:crazyeyes
correct name`s Erwin Rommel.

worker stacking should work under 1.17f. just make sure you only stck as many as you want to stack, then use the 'j' command... have fun!
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