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May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany

A lot of time has passed since my last update.
My lack of time and limits in Civ5 modding system caused this delay, however I haven't given up.

In particular, the thing that caused most problem is the non-customizable DLL. Without it, things like AI Settlers maps and modifiers cannot be implemented. They are a basic component in RFC: unlike plague or some additional stuff, without this features RFC just can't work.

Now, today's news is that thanks to eazyseeker, whom I thank, these features can be implemented without modding the DLL.

This second call is for gathering a joint effort for making settlers maps and the remaining city maps. They don't have to be made from scratch, just converted from civ4. You need Excel 2007 or 2010 to do that.

This is the to-do civs list:


Currently assigned civs: Arabia
Completed civs: America, Babylon, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Inca, India, Japan, Mongolia, Persia, Russia, Siam, Rome, Spain
Available civs: Aztecs, Turkey, Vikings


Currently assigned civs: Arabia, Germany、Japan, Rome, Russia
Completed civs: America, Babylon, China, Egypt, England, France, Greece, India, Mongolia, Persia, Spain
Available civs: Aztecs, Inca, Siam, Turkey, Vikings

Send me a mail to gabrit20 [AT] and I will send you files and instructions
Why is Austria not an available civ?

No GK civ is there, and no paid DLC civs besides Spain (Which Rhye previously said was too important to leave out) And Babylon (I don't know why for this one).

He also ruled out Iroquois for reasons that I disagree with but will not raise up again.
hm... maybe to reach more people ?

I thought that, but you can just deactivate the features for those other civilizations if the player doesn't have the required DLCs. For instance, in "Age of Evolution", I deactivate the Huscarl if the player doesn't have the Denmark DLC, by adding this SQL code:

-- Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings

-- Huscarl
UPDATE Units SET Type =

This way players that have the DLC can have a richer experience, but the DLC isn't require for the mod.

Since Rhye's would use Lua to set up city names and settler maps, it would be just as easy to make it have those features for the DLC civilizations, but deactivate that if the player doesn't own the respective DLCs.
That would be fair i suppose but it would be like in Civ4, not making a BTS version, i think that g+k version should be the focus since not many want to play vanilla that have g+k.

Ive had to resign from more than one mod because instead of supporting DLC, the thread instructed players to go to the DLC in properties and "uncheck" the content for compatibility - it was like a punishment, a big middle finger that i got this DLC and i am told to deactivate it to play the mod.

i couldn't bear myself to do it, so i never checked those threads again, and i don't even know if they stopped doing it or added actual compatibility. So hopefully there is at least some integration so that players like me aren't left behind.
Ive had to resign from more than one mod because instead of supporting DLC, the thread instructed players to go to the DLC in properties and "uncheck" the content for compatibility
It's easier than forcing those who didn't get the DLC to buy it for compatibility.

Still, it's off topic here, for what I know RFC won't force you to disable anything, but required DLC may also include Denmark, Korea and Ancient Wonder Pack.

@Rhye: I told you it may be doable without the DLL, glad to see you have found someone who can :D
Wouldn't it be better to compatibilize the mod so that it can work with both?

Yes, but it require more or less work. I had YnAEMP initialize differently if some DLC are present (restoring some CS if the replacing civs of a DLC is not loaded, place extra Natural Wonder if DLC activated, etc...). I also plan to use DLC units in R.E.D. Modpack the same way... that's "bonus" used from the DLC when available, easy to do.

But speaking of YnAEMP, from the way it's made it can handle any new DLC without big problems, but others worldbuilder's maps and scenario are not easy to share when multiple DLC are required.

And taking an extreme example like the Gods and Kings "DLC", you may have difficulty to keep large mod compatible with both. In that case the modder can release (and maintain) 2 versions of the mod (Thal's VEM or GEM), or update the mod for G&K only, or keep a vanilla version only.

For my WWII mod, I'll have a choice to do, I can't maintain 2 versions, and making it compatible with G&K would break the Vanilla version. So, for now, G&K users have to deactivate the expansion to play the mod, that's the only way to allow both user groups to play it. I may upgrade it to use G&K at some point, but that would be the end of it for vanilla civ5 player.
G&K is kept for future expansion.
I'd like to make the core of RFC first, using just vanilla civs and some necessary DLCs such as Spain/Inca and Ancient Wonders.
Once the Rise and Fall simulator is working properly, conversion to G&K and addition of more features can be done.

p.s. Hi Gedemon! Nice to see you're still around. Your contributions are always welcome. It would be nice to integrate the Mercenaries mod as well.
Which one is the Civ4's version of ? City maps or Settler Maps?
I think I can do some. Will send you e-mail :)
Glad to see this happening. Just one thing: Should there not be a river between Byzantium and Turkey? Just to represent there actually is water flowing there?
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