New Civilization merchandise available


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Oct 22, 2008

To celebrate another Civ birthday, 2K has now released more merchandise for the Civilization franchise! You can now buy a 30 years anniversary hoodie for €59.99, a new Civilization T-shirt for 29.99€ and a notebook for 24.99€.

You can find these items for sale in the 2K shop. Currently there is also a sweepstake for this new merchandise set on Twitter.
Wow! I've bought merch to support sports teams or my local public radio station, but 60 USD for a hoodie? That's much too expensive for me.
Put Gilgamesh on anything and I'll be tempted!
Well they said this before and I don't remember much being off it so I am bit sceptical about legendary prizes.
Or was it Twitter related before and I missed it?
Does anyone know how you add more than one item to buy at once? There doesn't seem to be a cart, just a 'Buy Now' button on each item which takes to you to forms asking for address details then payment details, and you can't even order more than one of the same thing. I can't find any support for the 2K store to ask them directly either - the 2K help is helping with games, and for purchases it's this Babka/Xsolla thing, but there you can only ask for help if you've already made an order and have a transaction number. I'm kinda stuck! Any advice?
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