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New Colonization/DaoNE v4.00

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Dawn of A New Era' started by Dazio, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Dazio

    Dazio Chieftain

    Jun 5, 2005
    Hello everyone,

    This new version is quite revolutionize commerce & automatic exchanges.

    Unlike the Vanilla, trade and exchange DoaNE 4.00 will allow you to consider trade easily, flexible and editable at any time.
    Throughout the game, you can automatically feed a colony in tools, food or wood, without worry about anything.
    At the same time, you can send your sea convoys in Europe and automatically sell the resources you produced, adding new ships and escort ships, without stopping the business.
    The games will be less exhausting to manage (especially from the middle of the game) and you can dedicate yourself 100% to manage your colonies and also for your battles in multiplayer.

    Link to video.

    The conditions of accession of a new era are enriched with new criterias such as religious influence, the number of military units, etc ...

    DoaNE also brings a new type of intermediate victory by setting up the goal of achieving, in first, one of the new eras proposed by our mod. Those new kind of victory allow us to play quick game. The quicker one is the first player who reach the era 2, that can take in average 2 hours of game (perfect for MP game )

    Finally, we have boosted the beginning of the game by allowing all players to start with two ships, with a carrack. The game will be even more fun.

    DoaNE v4.00 is the last step before the gradual overhaul of the AI that will begin soon.

    This is still the multi game that will be the best. For those who no longer loved Colonization, it may be time to make a comeback and test the waters.

    You can Download the mod HERE (Free registration required to nexusmods).
    Mirror link ModDb website.

    Changelog :
    Spoiler :
    Dawn of a New Era v4.00
    Changelog of 2014-04-01
    DoaNE v4.00

    # Caravels and Carracks are available to everyone,
    # Every nations begin with Caravels and Carracks,
    # Changes on starting units of nations :
    - - - English: the colonist soldier is replaced by a veteran soldier,
    - - - Italians: the hardy pioneer is replaced by a carpenter,
    - - - Portuguese : the colonist is replaced by a expert fisherman,
    # Production bonus of crosses for English,
    # Negotiation bonus for contracts for Italians and Dutch,

    # European plants (coffee, sugar, indigo & wheat) are available from the beginning of the game,
    # The King gives only an agronomist for the discovery of local plants(rather than European) at the founding of the first colony,


    Tab "Captaincy"
    # Ability to remove several ships at the same time in a convoy and to create a new group,
    # Ability to merge two convoys
    # Ability to assign a ship or convoy to a trade route,

    Tab "Ships"
    # Display the level of free navigation crew when boarding a ship,
    # Advanced war ships are no longer manufactured in one turn (frigate (2 turns), war galleon (3 turns), man-o-wars (5 turns))

    Tab "Immigration"
    # Ability to schedule the boarding of settlers to the colonies through automatic convoys

    # All the units, that launched an attack with more than 50% of success rate, will withdraw in case of defeat,

    # When boarding manual resources in the colonies, the popup of loading is no longer count warships cargos.
    # The merchant ship is no longer available in the era 1,
    # Speed increased of ships by 2 points,

    # Speed increased of wagon trains by 2 points,
    # Military wagon trains can no longer transport military units

    # Adding 4 new screens to manage automatic routes between the colonies and / or Europe:

    --- List of trade routes,
    --- Creating trade route,
    --- Management of a trade route,
    --- Assignment convoys (adding transports)

    Common points for land and sea transports:

    # Ability to define resources to export to the colonies (or Europe for ships)
    # Ability to define resources to import from the colonies (or Europe for ships)
    # Ability to assign, as necessary, wagons or ships to a road,
    # A wagon and / or ship can perform exchanges for the same route, both in import and export,
    # Ability to schedule stopping of an automatic convoy to its next destination,

    # Automatic convoys can be merged even if they are not on the same box (one of the two wait another convoy in a port or colony)
    # Unit button of wagons, ships or convoys automatic in movement are no longer visible in the background,
    # Can not disable an automated group by accident (required to click on a symbol in the background)
    # Ability to force automatic transport in war time,
    # Statistics provided for each trade route (amount of gold earned, capacity convoys, fill rate, imported & exported resources ...)

    Management options for the resources transfer.

    Peculiarities for land units Colony / Colony:
    * * Specific options for each trade route

    # Ability to define resources to import from another colony (total and per turn)
    # Ability to define the precise amount to be sent to another colony (in "one shot" or by turn)
    # Ability to ensure the needs of the client colony
    # Ability to set maximum stock in the client colony
    # Ability to set the minimum to keep in stock the sending colony,
    # Ability to define resources in the sending colony

    # The above points are applicable for the import,

    Peculiarities for sea units Colony / Europe:
    * * Specific options for each trade route

    # Ability to export the entire stock to Europe,
    # Ability to define the exact amount to send in a colony (in "one shot")
    # Ability to set the minimum amount to keep in the sending colony
    # Ability to conserve resources at the forwarding colony
    # Ability to define the exact amount of resources to buy in Europe (overall and per turn)
    # Ability to automatically embark European immigrants to the colonies,

    * * Specific options for each fleet

    # Ability to choose the seaway you want for automatic convoys
    # Ability to set automatic repair of a convoy

    # Automatic resupply in ammunition of warships in passing in Europe or in the colonies (default)

    # Added the era 4, which unlocks the ability to declare independence,
    # Added new conditions for the transition to the era:
    --- Religious Influence
    --- Land discoveries
    --- Minimum number of soldiers in each colony,
    --- Minimum number of citizens in each colony,
    # Fixed: The explorers no longer count as defenders of a colony,

    # 3 new ways to win added (ideal for multiplayer games)
    --- First nation to reach the era 2 (Game playable in 1h30/2h00),
    --- First nation to reach the era 3,
    --- First nation to reach the era 4,
    # The number of colonies required in the criteria for victory era is the same for all players,
    # The condition "by turn minimum game" is no longer required to enter the selected era of victory.

    # Steady increase in taxes during the game,
    # Impossible to refuse the demands of the king,
    # The king can ask us larger donations of money,

    # The construction of buildings of a bygone era is reduced by 50%,
    # Add +1 of food on sea plots,
    # Add +1 of food for each dry-dock development,
    # Decrease -1 of food on fish and crabs bonuses,

    # Increase the frequency of bonus fur ,
    # Increase the food given by the deer,

    # Decrease the number of Man-o-Wars the king,
    # Added frigates and galleons of war in the king navy,

    # Every villages produce now resources,

    # In war time, natives do no longer destroy roads located outside our territorial influence,

    # The cancellation button of unit motion no longer appears in the background,

    # All cargo ships boarded the king troops,
    # The shipyard can not be built without the improved dry dock
    # Lodges and mines can be destroyed,
    # The hospitals birth rate is reduced,
    # The ships used are less expensive depending on the level of play of the player,
    # Fixed a OoS in multi-players game for the transfer of resources in European warehouses,
    # Eliminate crash when deleting a human player during a game in multi-players,
    # Fixed bug management territorial influence when leaving the window

    Good game at all, and do not hesitate to talk to us on this forum to give us your impressions and also come to our site (Site DoaNE Mod - Colonization IV) to be notified of new versions.

    This mod is compatible with patch 1.01f. Multi-player version.

  2. Lehnardtsson

    Lehnardtsson Chieftain

    Mar 9, 2010
    sorry but it seems it is compulsory to pay to register on nexus.
    sorry it is possible to register for free but not obvious :)
  3. Willi_Tell

    Willi_Tell praefectus praetorio

    Feb 8, 2008
    City of the Bears, Switzerland
    Wow, thank you for the new Version of DoANE - the trailer is awesome! :crazyeye:

    But: May I kindly ask you to upload your mod at an alternative mirror, where no registration is needed? ;)
  4. Schmiddie

    Schmiddie Emperor

    Feb 27, 2012
    It is, you just must not klick/choose one of the "pay"-options - you will then only register as a "normal" user. However, a mod should be available without the necessity to open an account just for a single download. This will prevent a lot of people from downloading this mod!
  5. Dazio

    Dazio Chieftain

    Jun 5, 2005
    Comments on nexusmod are justified. We add a new download site without registration.

    You can download the mod on ModDb website without registration:

  6. Cucumber

    Cucumber Chieftain

    Oct 5, 2006
    under bridges
    I wanted to make a good'ol colonization game
    good'ol but not with tha creepy vanilla automated trade system (worst than the 90's original game btw)

    so I tried the mods, and which one is by far the best?

    yeees it's the DaoNE, thanks guys !
  7. Zholef

    Zholef Warlord

    Feb 20, 2014
    Hello, DoaNE developers (however many of you there are). I have only recently tried out your mod, v4.00 being the first version I've played. Considering myself, at the risk of sounding immodest, a Colonization guru, I'm both impressed and disappointed with that version.

    I'm impressed, as I've said in the relevant thread, with your improved trade system, which is far better than those of Col1994 and Col2008, and by your ability to make extensive and ambitious changes, but I'm disappointed that you are making the same kind of mistakes that the makers of Col2008 have done.

    Col1994 was a simple, but well thought out game. It was limited and far from perfect, but it made sense. All its features made sense in the context of that game. Col2008 on the other hand was not thought out at all. Its developers merely took Civ4 and went the shortest possible route to something that looked a lot like Col1994, but indeed was not.

    Being a mod of Col2008, DoaNE has inherited all the flaws of that game. It's a pity that instead of addressing them, you go around implementing new, poorly thought out features. An example of this is exploration. In Col1994, exploration was interesting. Your scouts gained experience, found survivors from failed colonies, discovered the mystical Seven Cities of Cibola and the legendary Fountain of Youth (which Col2008 unfortunately turned into a founding father), enraged the natives, or simply vanished. In Col2008, exploration was less engaging, but at least it allowed you to automate your scouts. DoaNE v4.00, however, took this feature, which wasn't broken, and added maps, which makes exploration more realistic, but doesn't make it more fun. What was originally an engaging and rewarding, but for the most part optional activity has become an all but obligatory and tedious chore.

    At the same time you have created an opportunity to make exploration in DoaNE more interesting than in any previous game. What's missing is difficulty, risk and reward. Make exploring further or returning to safety a difficult choice. As the scout gains experience and expands its map, its value goes up. Just add ways for it to die and you will have created a task players will be reluctant to leave to automation. Here some ideas of what might happen:
    • "Your scout has offended the chief of a Tupi village. In their anger, the natives robbed him of his possessions and kicked him out." (Without his horse, your scout has been reduced to colonist and is forced to return his map on foot. You gain -1 relations with the tribe.)
    • "Your Excellency, rumor has it that our scout has fallen in love with a native woman living in a Sioux camp and decided to stay with her." (Your scout and his map are lost. You gain +1 relations with the tribe.)
    • "Your Excellency, a messenger from an Aztec city has arrived to thank us. He claims the gods were most pleased with the sacrifice we offered." (Your scout and his map are lost. You gain +1 relations with the tribe.)
    • "Your Excellency, our scout has fallen in love and eloped with an Inca noblewoman. Their King is furious." (The scout is lost, but a converted native appears with his map in your closest colony. You gain -2 relations with the tribe.)
    • "Some natives ambushed and robbed our scout in the forest." (Without his horse, your scout has been reduced to colonist and is forced to return his map on foot.)

    Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting your next release. Keep up the good work!
  8. M07

    M07 Prince

    Mar 29, 2009
    Hi Zholef,

    I like your ideas.
    I specialy like this one :
    We will try to add some funny events like that in the game.
  9. Zholef

    Zholef Warlord

    Feb 20, 2014
    They don't have to be funny and they don't even have to be events. My point is, exploring needs to be three things: dangerous, rewarding and optional. Civ4 has wild animals and barbarians. Col1 has "crazy" natives who use your scouts for target practice and attack your treasure trains. DoaNE v4.00 only has scouts that can't be automated. It's not only boring, it's tedious.

    You've made it more "realistic" by having the natives give you seeds instead of cash, but by doing so you've also taken away a large part of the sense of adventure. It's just difficult to get exited about bags of seeds. And with no special resource tiles on the map, it just all looks the same.

    Then there's instances where you've taken away from the realism. Most importantly, you have significantly weakened my money's problem-solving power. For example, in one game I bought all the food in Europe. Like, WTF? That's not supposed to be possible! Europe is a HUGE and very highly developed market in comparison to any colony. If I buy a lot of food there, the only thing that's supposed to happen is that prices go up and up until I can't afford doing that anymore.

    Another example: I'm an expert coffee planter. I just used some tools to build a farm for myself. Now I want to use it to grow coffee, but I can't. I'm an expert coffee planter. Why the heck do I need an "agronomist" to plant me some coffee?

    A third example: I'm a viceroy with a ship full of gold. Today, in the year 2014, the Amish people in the USA use 16th century technology to build a barn in an afternoon. Everyone in the village pitches in and the job is done in time for supper. So why can't I use my ship full of gold to hire a hundred colonists to build me an office in a month? And don't give me some lame excuse like "there's only two spots in the carpenter's hut".

    These are all changes that make the game less realistic and less fun. At the same time you've done nothing to solve the money problem. That is, the Civ4Col creators used money in places where it had no business being used, for one major reason: our "money" is the currency of our motherland, a foreign currency. Declaring your independence is basically telling your motherland that you don't need it anymore, which is a point you can never really reach as long as your education and improvement building depends on their money, which is subject to their taxes.
  10. Nexus1980

    Nexus1980 Chieftain

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hi Zholef, you have some strong opinions. The people behind this mod created this. they are entitled in chosing how they do and see things. we can give them some feedback but try to remain positive. "words like "WTF" will not contribute in making your point more valid.

    it's still a game and not a reflection of the real world.. even the amish world. :D

    i think that the approach of agronomists is nice and helps the food problem considerably (for exemple corn leven 6) if i compare to other mods. for exemple a farmer can sustain a lot of other colonists. in my opinion that's a real good improvement.

    anyway keep up the good work people behind DoANE :lol:
  11. Zholef

    Zholef Warlord

    Feb 20, 2014
    The people who make this mod aren't little children. They can handle a little bit of honest feedback. Unfortunately there's much potential for that because Civ4Col is a game not worth playing and none of the mods in existence change that. Col1 is twenty years old now and still much better than anything that has come after it. And that's a real pity.

    Of course they're perfectly free to ignore everything I say and do whatever the hell they want. It's not like I'm forcing them to do anything.
  12. digimite

    digimite Chieftain

    Oct 1, 2014
    I really enjoyed the mod.
  13. mikiwan93

    mikiwan93 Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2014
    Hello, this is my first ever posting here, and boy how glad I am to be able to play this mod...ok so far the seedlings, agronomists stuffs are way too cool and it's challenging to think of a suitable latitude for founding colonies and to have those crops around...trading with natives too live up the old days...ok again, as I was playing, I did encounter a few problems and like some said, the explorers need some fixing, and even if I did control my explorer, never once I found a treasure, and only managed to find just one burial ground, i suggest maybe give some love to treasure hunting? And for sea exploration, seems a bit illogical to be able to traverse the sea unharmed (maybe add weather, fairy creatures like giant octopus wiping up crews) and I was at the 3rd era, but up until now I can't figure out how to produce guns, even with an arsenal and 3 gunsmiths still all ended up producing swords, and I love the fact that we need ammunition supplies as it is scarce especially during battle but if I were to claim independence, how am I able to sustain ammunition with no ability to produce one? Buying from motherland Europe when we are rebelling? Anyway good mod, have a bright future onwards, I'll keep in touch for any update!

    truth will once prevail!
  14. Twinkle85

    Twinkle85 Chieftain

    Dec 18, 2008
    Great mod, has made me want to play again. 2 questions so far....

    cross production? i guess this reduces cost of immigration? If so is it directly proportional, ie 10 crosses per turn = -10 gold per turn?

    Founding Fathers? Are there any?

  15. Nexus1980

    Nexus1980 Chieftain

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hi Twinkle, just a quick reply... i'm not sure if the cross production has a direct influence on the immigration price. However if you don't produces crosses you will have a negative "religious feeling" which makes immigration harder. other factors that attracts immigrants is your wealth (economic reserves), the fact that they ship off quickly etc... Also you may have seen that there are several era's. The cross production is also a factor that you should take into account. the more crosses you produce the faster you get the achievement.

    No there are no founding fathers in this mod. To be honest i don't really mis it. When going to a next era you get more buildings and units to build.

    i've seen in this forum that people get confused about the weapons production. when entering the city screen you see on the bottom right corner 2 swords crossing each other. when you upgrade your armory that's screen where you can switch to building guns, ammo or cannons. same with hospital.

    I hope people are still working on this mod. have a nice day

    - Agape -
  16. Twinkle85

    Twinkle85 Chieftain

    Dec 18, 2008
    Hi, Thank you for the reply. Enjoying the mod. Lots to learn.

    When buying a ship in Europe it says no crew. Everything I have read on this says it should automatically have crew.

    I have even tried training sailor in Europe, but cant man the ship.

    I can build ship in new world and embark crew no problems, but not in Europe. I'm in Era 1 if this helps?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. M07

    M07 Prince

    Mar 29, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    I'm glad to see there are still players of DoaNE.
    Just for your information, I have not worked on the MOD since some months because I am working on another big project. I think I am gonna finish it in less than one week. After that, I will continue to work on DoaNE on the Artificial Intelligence.
    When buying a ship in Europe it says no crew. Everything I have read on this says it should automatically have crew.

    @Twinkle85 : In Europe when you buy a ship, you are in the "captaincy" tab if I remember well. On the top left, you have list of your ships.
    Select the one without crew.
    Just below the list you have 5 buttons. One of them will allow you to embark a crew. This button is only active if you have at least one sailor available in Europe.

    If you don't have any sailors, on the bottom left of the screen, some sailors should appears time to time. You will have two kind of recruitment :
    - By training (A classic unit, you will have to train for severals turns)
    - Natural (A sailor already trained with some promotions, available right now)

    When you sailor is ready, you should be able to embark him to your ship.

    If you have any other question, feel free to ask.

    Have a good game.
  18. Twinkle85

    Twinkle85 Chieftain

    Dec 18, 2008
    Thank you for the help.

    I had lowered the graphic settings as laptop was running hot. And the options that you mention were blank because of it. Feel rather stupid :).

    Thanks again.
  19. Sacro

    Sacro Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2015
    Hi guys. this mod adds new factions and leaders?
    And have more graphic units? (like 3 dragons instead o 1)

    The mod look very good :goodjob:
  20. vissercsp

    vissercsp Chieftain

    Jul 21, 2015
    Hi Guys,

    As all the others have stated before me, love this mod too. Took me a while to get accustomed to but now that I have I am hooked... again...

    Did notice a couple of things that I cannot explain, perhaps one of you can.

    - I cannot mine silver. I have an expert silverminer, I have a mountain with a mine improvement and it has the silver bonus... Yet I can only mine ore...
    - I cannot generate missionaries. Too early in the game or...? (currently in era 2, same for remark above)
    - I can grow sugar but I cannot build a distillers house, nor can I recruit a distiller in Europe...
    - The funny thing is that when I enter the world builder I can manually create all of them...

    Can anyone please help me with my questions? And in case this is already mentioned in another thread on this forum, please forgive me for not finding it as I tried really hard though...

    Thanks you in advance,


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