New Colonization/DaoNE v5.10


Mar 29, 2009
Hello everyone,

This version is another step towards a more present and bellicose AI.

Following the flawed version 5.00, we corrected the code so that AI finally take his role, yet modest for now, but real.

See the changelog below for the most curious of you.
Spoiler :
CHANGELOG DoaNE - V5.10 - July 2016

AI :
# AI agronomists does not walk on the map without any reason,
# AI agronomists return to their colony in case of danger,
# AI natives does not receive naval escorts.

AI - WAR :
# Corrective : No unit may attack during the turn of the declaration of war (attacks begin in the next round), including native.
# AI attacks more often human players,
# Adding a new military tactic for AI,
# AI stops his attack mission when the peace is declared,
# The allied natives er more involved during war,

Military :
# The withdraw is harder than before for dragoons,
# The AI buys muskets if not enough musketeers,
# The colonies are better defended, soldiers are not without weapons,
# The natives have always optimal military experience,
# There is not riot anymore after the reconquest of one of your previous colonies,

Diplomatie with Natifs:
# The diplomacy points with native starts at zero and not to -3,
# Resources exchange, muskets and horses, authorized to negotiate with the natives (stock taken directly into your colonies),
# Unable to form one of your colonist in a native village if it has a commercial contract with another European nation,

AI - Sea :
# AI ships, planned for an attack are no longer visible the previous turn before the war.
# Decreasing the European escorts amount.

Terraforming :
# A marsh cell turns into prairie when you base a colony there,

Agriculture :
# Agronomists working time for the cultivation on marsh, is similar to other lands,

Colony :
# No more superposition of production buildings (tobacco, textiles ...)

Units :
# The explorers lose their promotions and scan points when you clear the specialty unit.

Ressources :
# Rum appears earlier in the game,

Auto trade :
# Automatic routes are inactive in wartime. You must beforehand, check the option to guarantee its operation,
# Simplifying the creation of trade routes (Management and creation on the same screen),
# Bug fix: filling rate statistics (last rotation and average of last 5 rotations) and average profits (last rotation and average of last 5 rotations) are functional again,
# In transaction mode "Auto Trade" with convoys, the system always keeps you a minimal amount of gold (200 gold) after purchase,

Navigation :
# Fix: To avoid dissociations, war and merchant ships in convoy assembled can no longer get into a zone of European influence without permission (except in case of war against that nation),
# Fix : The convoys attacked by an opponent are not separated,
# Fix : Ships receiving cards get back the information,
# When a ship leaves for Europe, unused move points are automatically converted into experience points,

Trade with native :

# Fix bug : There are not several pop up anymore when renewing a contract,
# Fix bug : The contract with the Indians does not display the same values when negotiating the contract and state contracts,

Help of the king :
# The king comes to our aid when many agronomists got killed or captured,
# King helps us following a blockade,

Europe :
# When a ship or lack of ammunition has no crew information thereof are written in orange.
- Europe / Captaincy:
# The size of the box and ship convoys were reduced
# The wounded vessels are more easily identifiable..
# The wounded vessels can be easily repaired with a new icon on the ship
- Europe/Ships :
# It becomes possible to give to the crews (on board ship) in Europe, promotions acquired during the fight.
- Europe/Trade :
# It is now possible to keep in memory the choice of resources "locked" and getting back even after reloading a game,
- Europe/Immigration :
# Increased probability of occurrence of colonists.

Eras :
# All players pass to the next era automatically (after 5 - 15 turns) after one of them has reached the era (except for era 4).

Gifts :
# It is now impossible to give a unit (colon, wagon train or other) to the natives,

Tactical vision :
# You can share tactics vision with another player. This allows to see the land, settlements and civil or military units, including seeing unfold battles.

Multiplayer games :
# Players from the same team are closer (random distance),

Text Pop-up :
# Compliance of the text following a pirate attack

Points score:
# A newly captured colony does not allow players to earns more score points as if it is no longer revolt.

I hope you will enjoy this version.

Have a good game .
Thank you very much M07!

I'm looking forward to this version in particular! And good work there's a lot more in this changelog then i thought!

You did a wonderful Job! I really hope you're not going to abandon this mod :)
Thank you Nexus1980,

I hope you will like this version. :)
I didn't plan to abandon this mod yet. I will have 1 month and half of vacation soon. So I will be able to develop during this time but for the moment I am in Corsica so "rest time" :king:
You can count on my feedback :p

Have a nice time in Corsica! I've never been there but it's certainly on my "to-see" list.
corsica is the best place where enjoy the summer. 2 times i went there, i was around porto vecchio.
this game is unique and peoples like you improved it at high levels, i'm really happy me too to see this game continues to be modded and plaied. thank you !
Hello Mdnye64,
Of course I will try to help you.
First of all, have you installed the official patch?

Would you tell me some information about your OS ?
Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10 ? 32 or 64 bits?

Usage of steam or not ?

Do you see the homescreen of Dawn of a New era, before you click to the Solo button?

Then you can try to replace the DLL in the Assets folder by this one
This dll is in debug mode, so don't play with it because it will be very slow. But you will have may be an popup that will explain the crash.
Keep the previous DLL, just in case.

If you have nothing, you will have to intall Visual Studio 2012 in order to see what is going wrong. But it is more advanced.
corsica is the best place where enjoy the summer. 2 times i went there, i was around porto vecchio.
Ciao Ariete, sono andato a Ajaccio e Benifaccio ma non ho fatto porto vecchio.
E veramente bellissima, mi piace molto la Corsica ( soprattutto il cibo :p).

this game is unique and peoples like you improved it at high levels, i'm really happy me too to see this game continues to be modded and plaied. thank you !
Thank you for this comment. For your information, I am working on the economic aspect of the game. I am doing a really complex and realist system to simulate the real behaviour of yields prices.
For example, selling a lot of Tobacco to Europe will have impact of the price of Tobacco for other Europeans. This kind of event will create tensions between Europeans.
I will create a complete documentation about it, when it will be finished.
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