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New ctp2 apolyton playtest/Patch released oct-23-2005

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by Ekmek, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Ekmek

    Ekmek on steam: ekmek_e

    Aug 7, 2002
    San Diego, California
    Another playtest has been released and there is much talk of releasing an "official" Apolyton Edition


    Fixed: Misc crashes
    Fixed: Broken/incorrect links in the great library
    Fixed: Topic display bug in great library
    Fixed: Hosting of MP games on XP machines
    Fixed: SLIC error related to missing city
    Fixed: Prediction of movement times for ships moving through cities
    Added: New database flags for making construction of units, buildings and wonders depend on the existence of goods :eek:
    Changed: Message boxes to be non-modal
    Added: Option to select a city first instead of an army
    Added: DebugSlic and GoodAnim options
    Added: Two more colour sets

    Fixed: Bug with gold income
    Added: City limit to domestic control panel
    Changed: Information window remains open across turns
    Changed: Opening score tab of information window no longer closes other windows
    Added: Gold loss due to conversion and production loss due to franchising to national manager resource tab
    Added: Special attack window to display the cost of a special attack
    Added: Construction time to tileimp tracker window
    Fixed: Crashes when deleting tileimps
    Added: Option to end game on db error
    Fixed: MP database sync check
    Added: Female leader pictures
    Fixed: Age display in MP summary
    Fixed: Colors used on single player selection screen
  2. Ekmek

    Ekmek on steam: ekmek_e

    Aug 7, 2002
    San Diego, California
  3. Ekmek

    Ekmek on steam: ekmek_e

    Aug 7, 2002
    San Diego, California
    Probably should of posted this updated one awhile.

    a lot of changes since the source code was released:

  4. Ekmek

    Ekmek on steam: ekmek_e

    Aug 7, 2002
    San Diego, California
    So much I had to break up the post

    the earlier stuff
  5. Ekmek

    Ekmek on steam: ekmek_e

    Aug 7, 2002
    San Diego, California
    I posted a new revision build at apolyton, here's the latest

    Added: UpgradeTo flag now implemented. With enough gold you can upgrade units by sleeping them in your city
    Added: TargetsCivilians where a unit that bombs a city hits civilians not units.
    Added: PrecisionStrike where a unit that bombs a city hits buildings not units.
    Added: MultipleAttack flag units with this flag can attack as amny times as they have move points
    Added: AvailableAdvance for goods, now you can specifyan advance required in order for a city to collect (it will still be on the map though)
    Added: VanishAdvance for goods, now you can specify an advance that stops a city from collecting a good
    Added: CantTrade a good can never be collected, just a bonus (like an oasis)
    Added: HappyInc flag for goods, now goods that are traded can add happiness to a city 
    Added: CanCaptureTile check in pillage. Units with this flag capture nemy tiles
      instead of pillaging them
    Added: CanBeGifted to units and now a human player can gift units to players 
      not at war with and you get regard bonus based on attack divided by 5
    Added: DeniedToEnemy, tileimps that have a movecost wont count with this flag 
      for players you are at war with
    Added: Sea pirates! barbarians may have navies
    Added: If the terrain score equals 0 than the AI won't try to settle there (hopefully)
    Fixed: Bug that disbanded all units when you tried to add settler to city 
    Fixed: Goodyhut crash caused by having more units than advances
    Added: ShowOnMap now you can specify a certain tileimp to be built is a wonder 
      or building is built
    Added: ObsoleteUnit flag; units can be obsolete by other units availability not 
      just techs
    Added: MoveBonus flag for units; now you can specify how much points a unit 
      will lose when it moves. MoveBonus 33 is like Civ2's AllTerrainAsRoads. Note 
      going to different cost imps might not be possible if you lack move points.
    Added: GoldPerUnitSupport Units have a GoldHunger impact on cost
    Added: GoldHunger units can now have a variable gold cost
    Added: BorderRadius for wonders so wonders can increase border radius
    Added: production bonus to AI, they dont run production deficits
    Added: GoodyHutExcluded flag (just in case) for advances
    Added: messages for verifyattack and move into enemy. If you move into an enemy 
      or attack WIHOUT declaring war you will get a popup, but the popup doesnt let 
      you declare war (yet) you have to do that through the diplomacy screen.
    Added: newupkeep flags,although not necessary (may remove)
    Added: gold bonus to AI so they dont have to be hurt by negative values. If a 
      cities gold is less than zero for an AI it is automatically set to zero so 
      they dont get hurt by new gold modifiers
    Added: GoodyHutExcluded flag for Units. Units with this flag shouldn't appear 
      from a goody hut.
    Added: Enablesgood in terraineffect - allows for different goods for same imp 
      on different terrains
    Added: EnablesVeterans flag for buildings. Now if a city has a flag with this 
      building your units start as veterans (like civ3)
    Added: PopCostsToBuild flag. Add an integer here in unitstxt and units can cost
      one or more population points. I havent instituted a disband city warning yet 
    Added:  GoldPerUnit - like my previous GoldPerCity flag but its just the flag 
      value times the number of units (like Civ3). I stuck it to the palace to 
      represent unit costs. Value seen in City Management (not national)
    Added: GoldPerUnitReadiness - same as above but added the readiness impact. 
      Value seen in City Management (not national)
    Added:  Need Number of buildings to Build - like the feat it can now be a flag 
      for building a building (especially with OnePerCiv) or a wonder.
    Added: Citystyle Bonuses to Gold, Food, and production by either a bonus 
      (just a solid integer) or by a percentage. 
    Added: Increase Borders to AddImprovement. Buildings can now do city radius!
    Added: multipleattack flag but not fully implemented (you can move after 
      attacking or bombarding but not attack again)
    Added: TotalBuildingUpkeep: building upkeep also has a negative impact by being 
      affected by your readiness and is deducted from the city gold (I can remove 
      this if too much hate for it but it makes gold and readiness more significant)

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