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New Destiny

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by lord_graywolfe, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    alright i have pretty much finished version 4.0 and have uploaded it to filefront for you. filefront seems to be having some problems at the moment though so i am also putting it on here in the download section and at atomicgamer. sorry it took so long.

    ok just to let everyone know i will be posting the new work for this mod on http://civjunction.freeforums.org/viewforum.php?f=55. it still isnt ready but im working on it

    Link: http://www.atomicgamer.com/directory.php?id=5121

    File Front


    this link is for all files for this mod old and new http://hosted.filefront.com/lordgraywolfe/

    This is whats new in this mod, at least most of it, if i forgot to list something new i added im sorry but it will make for a nice surprise ;).
    Spoiler :

    ND v4.0
    I have changed flood plains. it is now a +2 to food and a -1 to production, the -1 to production will only affect the plains or places where you build workshops and watermills. it will also appear in tundra, grasslands and plains now as well as desert.

    I have changed yields on rivers, now ANY tile that a river runs through, with the exception of ice, will get a +1 to food. the ice/snow tiles will only get the +1 to income. if there is a flood plain it will take the place of the river yields not add to them.

    You can now build farms on desert and tundra that have access to a river

    I have added the Ice breaker mod

    I dont believe the water animal mod is working correctlly and will not redo the python for it as everytime i have it has caused the tech videos to stop working.

    I have fixed the misplaced tech audio quotes, some of the original quotes where being used by the new techs.

    I have put the adj for the norse religion in, it was missing.

    Added new promos, Desert1 & 2 and Arctic1 & 2. they add 20% defense on #1 and 20% defense and 10% attack on #2 as well as double movment in dessert and snow/ice.

    Made the Harbor grant +2 experience to naval units

    Made the Gunship upgrade to the hover tank

    Super Carrier upgrades to Supernaught

    Attack Sub upgrades to Phantom Frigate

    ND v3.0
    Added the Unit Allegiance mod updated by Amra
    Added the Water Animals mod (just the waterspout) updated by Amra
    Added the Glance screen
    Added new Actual Quotes by Willowmound
    Upgraded the civ/unit graphics to Diversica .95 by mamba

    includes all patches,fixes and changes from 2.0 on

    ND v2.0
    Added the Iroquois back in from diversica
    Added Australia from civ gold
    Added new units
    the jeep by snafusmith
    and the hummer
    the robot tank suggested and graphics provided by SOG
    upgraded diversica to version .90
    upgraded JPKs events
    added in icebreaker by Orion
    new civics added for late game
    fixes many of the minor problems from v1.5
    all civs now have 2 UUs, in the last version i had missed putting in several.
    added trafalgar square by Asioasioasio

    ND v1.5
    Fixed the problem with not being able to rename cities or units. i have not yet checked it but this should also have fixed the problem with the corprate and colony buttons not working.

    New units for future era
    Star Destroyer
    Star Cruiser
    Space Fighter
    Space Bomber

    Tech Tree change

    Iron working was move and comes later now.
    The swordsman now comes with bronze working

    JKP1187's event mod updated to 1.01
    Mamabas Diversica updated to .70d
    removed the unit allegiance mod

    The Odyessy speed is 2000 turns and ends at the year 2601AD

    Added wonder movie for forgotten palace

    ND v1.3
    changed odyssey to 2000 turns
    changed main menu picture
    changed starting music

    ND 1.2
    put roman roads bik file in
    changed starting time back to 4000BC

    ND 1.1
    replaced missing menu options

    New Destiny v1.0
    By Lord Graywolfe

    compatible with BtS 3.13

    Norse/Legendary Saga
    Greek/Oral Tradition
    thanks to Amra who let me import these religions in from his warlord mod and gave me a bit of help in getting parts to work :)


    New Detiny is a mod that adds a little of everything to the game. Filing in a few areas that i felt were lacking.
    There are many mods out there already that probally have everthing i've put into mine and more. There are also
    mods that probally add much less than i did. This is my first attempt at a full fledged mod and i've learned alot
    while making it.If you decide to try this mod i hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. :)


    unzip this into your beyond the sword mods folder; Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods
    start the game and load the mod from the main menu.

    This mod is based alot on Arma's warlords mod, it just has a bit less, and i thank him for allowing me to use his great
    work as a template for my first attempt.

    Mamba for his Diversica mod which plays a large part in this

    The Lopez

    I know there are probally more i've gotten units, graphics or even just ideas from that i can't remembr right now.
    If i have used material from you and not listed your name i'm sorry. Just let me know and ill be happy to add it to
    the list.

    Thank you all :)

    Mods merged in:
    I've added in JKP1187's event mod
    The Lopez unit allegience mod, however that one isnt working at the moment and i dont know why yet.
    Mamba's diversica
    Enhanced tech conquest by Grave.
    Blue Marble

    New units:
    Elephant rider
    Imperial marine
    Steam Cruiser
    Jet bomber
    Stealth Fighter
    Hover tank
    Hover infantry
    Star trooper
    I have also given every civ 2 UUs and plan at a later time to add a third. My goal here is to have units
    spread out through the game. 1 in the early game, 1 in mid game and 1 in late game.

    New Civs:
    I also removed the Holy Roman Empire from the game

    New Leaders for exsisting civs:
    Joan of Arc

    New Techs:
    Military training
    Naval warfare
    Amphibious warfare
    Steam turbine
    Armor tactics
    Super Sonic Flight

    New Leader Traits:
    Seafaring: Gives free Navigation1 promo to all ships doubles production of harbors, lighthouses and drydocks
    Scientific: +2 science in each city, doubles production of labs and observatories.

    I have also divided the traits into 3 groups and given each leader a trait from each list. so every leader now has 3 traits.

    the traits are orginized as follows;

    Military:.........................Social:..........................Political( for lack of a better term):

    and Charismatic can fall under any/all of them

    New Bonuses:
    Temple ruins
    Natural Gas

    New Buildings:
    Inn: adds happiness from tobbaco, cocco, coffee and wine and increases commerce
    Gas Plant: increases production
    Archery Range: +2 to acrhery units experiance
    Rifle Range: +2 to gunpowder units experiance
    Garrison: +2 to melee units experiance
    Tank Factory: +2 to armor units experiance

    New Wonders:
    Big Ben: free bunker in each city and reduces war weariness
    Leonardo's workshop : increase chance of an engineer and can make 2 citizens engineers
    Copernicus's observatory : can make 2 citizens scientists and increases science output
    Roman Roads: Increases commerce
    Art of War: increases chance of great general and grants +2 experiance to all units built in the civ

    World Fair: increases commerce and happiness

    I have also made some changes in the Tech tree. Construction comes earlier now. Compass is now Navigation, i moved the Cuiriser to
    gunpowder. Moved the Grenadier to gunpowder. Moved Privateer to Nationalism. Moved Ship of the Line, Frigate and Galleon to gunpowder.
    I know there are other small changes that im forgetting at the moment, oh well im sure you will figure it out.

    I made a few small changes in some of the units also. the Machine gunner is no longer a siege unit but now a gunpowder unit.
    All the UUs now start with a promotion that they will take with them when they upgrade.
    The siege units no longer attack directly, they are defensive only and can bombard anything or anyone. I used a method suggested by Grave
    They can still defend themselves if attacked. However the flanking attack by the horse
    units is no longer needed and they now have a bonus against archery units. Once again i know there are other small changes that i'm
    forgetting at the moment but that you will find as you play.

    Well i think thats everything for now. I will appreciate any feedback on the mod. Im sure there are things i didnt think of that can improve it
    so please tell me what you think is good and what is bad and what is yet needed.

    At the moment there are no known issues, but much of the new stuff for this version included python. Right now i cant find any errors due to the python which makes me nervous, I have never had any luck in making python work right anytime i mess with it something goes wrong. so let me know if the unit allegiance isnt working or waterspouts arent showing up at all since they were most of the python changes.

    Spoiler :

    Ok here is patch 1 which fixes the problem with of the red dot units. ok to use this delete the modules folder, dont copy over it, and then place the modules folder from the patch in assests folder to replace it. it should take care of all the unit problems.

    Ok patch 2, this is to add in some missing diplomacy. i noticed that when meeting some of the leaders they had nothing to say. this is more cosmetic than anything but i find it handy to actually know what they are saying sometimes ;). extract the patch and drop both the xml folder and the modules folder in your assests folder if you want to use this. thats it :D

    Ok patch 3, this fixes the missing text on the planetary map. extract it and drop the text folder in under you xml folder.

    Patch 4, this fixes the missing sound problems, at least as far as i can tell. extract the audio folder from the patch and drop in your XML folder, thats it.

    Patch 5, this is a minor fix for the emoticons that show up on the game screen. it takes them back from 2 to 1. it also should fix the salt problem. simply extract and drop the res folder and python folder inside your assests folder, take the terrian folder and drop it inside your XML folder

    Patch 6. ok this one takes care of three seperate things. 1st it fixes the red blob aircraft SoG found. once you extract the patch open it and take the Maya_CIV4UnitArtStyleTypeInfos xml file out, it goes in Assets\Modules\Civilizations\Maya, just drop it in the Maya folder.
    2nd fixes the problem of archeology showing up twice in Education on the tech tree. take the TechInfos xml file out of the patch and it goes Assets\XML\Technologies, drop it in the Technologies folder.
    3rd is a small text problem in civlopedia, take the BasicInfos xml out and it goes here Assets\XML\BasicInfos, drop it in the BasicInfos folder and we are done. :)

    ok this is not a patch its just a small change i made. i switched the leaderhead for Dido to the new one by C. Roland. the 2.5v has this change in it already so they wont need this. if anyone else wants to make the change though its a simple download. delete the dido folder inside Art\Leaderheads and then drop this one inside the Leaderhead folder. the xml file goes here Assets\XML\Art just drop it in and she should be good to go. :)

    There is a prroblem with the ottoman cannon unit its a red dot, mamba pointed this out. This is mambas fix for it. extract, take the XML file out of the folder and it goes here Assets\Modules\Units\Ottoman just drop it in and its good.

    Patch 8, yes i know the last patch wasnt numbered 7 but anyway. This patch fixes the english scout not having weapons, thanks to mamba and Chugginator for the fix, and also fixes the Australian city names not showing up right. take all 3 folders out and drop them in your Assets folder and thats it. :)

    Patch 9 is to fix the fact that i forgot to give the Iroquois Leader his third trait. Download extract and take the Modules folder and drop it in your the Assests folder and its all good ;)

    Patch 10 fixes the egyptyian horse archer problem. take the modules folder out and drop it in the Assets folder and your done.

    you will only need the following 2 patches if you downloaded upgrade1a as upgrade2 already has both of them in it

    Patch 1b this is the first patch for version 3.0, it adds the audio files for the new religions that were in upgrade1a. because of the size of this patch you will have to download it off of filefront using the second link on this page. take the assets folder out and drop it in New Destiny and it will overwrite all the files it needs to quick and easy.

    Patch 2a the second patch for 3.0 this one replaces the TGA files fixing the religious icons on the map. extract the res folder and drop it in the Assets folder and your done

    With any patch i recommend starting a new game.

    Attached Files:

  2. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Deity

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    I could not download - got an error at the site and I don't want to register to yet another site.
  3. NikNaks

    NikNaks Deity

    Jul 25, 2006
    You haven't actually linked to the file, just the page where you can view your own files.

    Sounds really good. :goodjob:
  4. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    oops sorry about that ill fix that then. first mod and im still trying to figure out all the upload stuff. i had to replace the file anyway as i realized i had disabled some stuff during testing and forgot to turn them back on before uploading.

    if there are any questions though please feel free to ask

    oh some other things that got changed that i forgot to mention are that gunships now fly over water, as do the hovercrafts. also the upgrade path on the units was changed somewhat.
  5. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    ok ive got it up at filefront now and its easy to find and download there. no membership required or anything. im still going to see about puting up a link for atomicgamer for people that prefer that site. if i can get it to work right this time.
  6. NikNaks

    NikNaks Deity

    Jul 25, 2006
    Downloading! :)
  7. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    I will give it a try and perhaps feedbacking it...
  8. mice

    mice Moose

    Jan 26, 2006
    Gonna try it later today. The changes look good
  9. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    I started with Julius Ceasar of the Romans and i just constated that don't have User Interface ?

    I could see units, terrains but nothing other even the mini map !
  10. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    @ Lachlan hmmm i dont know why that would happen as i definitly have the full interface and that was one of the areas of the game that i didnt do anything at all to but ill check and make sure i didnt leave something out or acidently change it somehow.

    has anyone else had this problem?

    i was just playing it myself and found out that the bik file for the Roman Roads was missing. i found that installed it and it worked fine so here that is in a post here on the site.


    i have also uploaded it to filefront under the same link as the main game

    ok ive gone through everything i can think of and i cant find anything missing concerning the interface. it all seems to be there and correct as far as i can tell. ill admit im not the most experianced modder but i dont think i did anything to that part sorry i wasnt able to find the problem Lachlan
  11. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    ok i added a screen shot of the new units in the game to the first post to give you an idea of what they are.
  12. Zuul

    Zuul Mod lister!

    Nov 13, 2005
    What version should I list this as?
  13. Brave Sir Robin

    Brave Sir Robin he bravely ran away

    Apr 7, 2006
    Ft. Worth TX USA
    this looks really interesting
    D/L started at both epic and odessey speed and each had the game ending at 50 ad :confused:
  14. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    @ Zuul this is 1.1 right now and im sure ill have either updates or fixes to add later and so will up the number :)

    @ Brave Sir Robin i dont know if i understand what you mean. D/L started ?
    now are you saying that the game wouldnt go past 50 AD or that you just finished them both then?
  15. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    ok Brave Sir Robin i think i know what happened. i remembered that i was playing around with the starting time of the game and it was set to 6000 BC instead of 4000 BC and thats probally why it was ending at 50 AD. sorry about that i had forgotten about that, i never did test it to see if it affected the game end time but now i know. hmmm ill have to see if i can find a way to extend the time at the finish too. well here is a new global file. unzip it and just drop it in your XML folder and it will take care of that for you.
  16. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    :goodjob: Just had a look at your mod: looking good! (Perhaps you could release a patch though... I also noticed that your mod's not yet listed in the DL Database.) Certain units (Axeman, Crossbowmen) don't display properly (it may be a graphics issue).

    On another note: I discovered compatibility with certain scenarios available - would you mind if I made 1 or 2 scenarios for NewDestiny?:hatsoff:
  17. mamba

    mamba Deity

    Aug 23, 2007
    You don't have to do anything to have problems with the interface, sometimes I have vanished buttons, sometimes no interface at all due to incorrect unit xml definitions (i.e. refering to an art_def_unit which does not exist).

    No idea why that interferes with the interface, but it can, so I guess you should check that all your roman definitions are ok, as I only get those glitches when playing the civ with the xml bugs.

    EDIT: this is meant as general advice, I have not played your mod, so it does not refer to your mod.
  18. mice

    mice Moose

    Jan 26, 2006
    I'm playing as the Russains and getting no problems.

    I just unzipped that globaldefines file into my XML folder in case my game was going to end early.
  19. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    I will redownload it
  20. Zuul

    Zuul Mod lister!

    Nov 13, 2005
    Can't find v1.2. But I guess you are uploading it.

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