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New fictive unit: Polynesian Frigate


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
This is completely shameless ripoff from the elven dragonship made earlier for WH-mod.

It has just a bit more real-world feel to it ;)

The files:
Polynesian frigate files

Animation previews (note, that the shadows won't disappear in the death flc - it's just the preview that looks unifinished):

..and a civilopedia image.


  • PolyFrigatepic.gif
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Whoa! Its Done! First Post after Aalgo! Whoo!

EDIT: Now that the first post is mine.... I love it, aalgo! This baby might replace the Islander as the second Polynesian UU in the Altered Tech Tree Mod... Its awesome!
It looks great. :) I see the sails got a bit more texturing as well. If you remember my criticism about the Dragonship color scheme, this is exactly what I was after.
Looks great... (Just a question, is it firing cannon?)
Kinboat said:
Looks great... (Just a question, is it firing cannon?)
it is supposed to fire a cannon, but I may not look like that :p
Looks great, like the dolphins :D
This is excellent. I'll definitely find a use for it. I think this could work easily as an Amerindian ship too, though dolphins as a motif works better for Polynesians. Keep up the good work. :goodjob:

[edit] Perhaps you (or someone) could make some alternate symbols besides the dolphins, just for some variety. That would be nice. Awesome unit as it is, though.
I'll download first, then think of placement later. Great unit! :goodjob:
unscratchedfoot said:
Nice boat. What era/tech or whatever does it fit into? Like I mean, what original ships should it be replacing?

How about replacing the frigate with this polynesian frigate ;)
...just a suggestion :p
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