[NFP] New Frontier Pass Screenshot Analysis Thread


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Jun 20, 2004
post new screenshots here
The info era unit is the Mobile SAM and the mountain is Torres del Paine.

Not too much to see in these beyond the obvious meteor/solar storm stuff and the one new natural wonder that looks like a lake. Potato McWhiskey was under the impression that was the fountain of youth.
Natural wonder seems like it's a cenote of some sort. Not sure about famous particular ones, but it would fit in with the Maya.
We got the famous cenote Natural Wonder in GS. That is some kind of lake, and given the tree with the Spanish Moss on it, the Fountain of Youth sounds very likely.

Oh duh. I was just thinking, "wait, I'm pretty sure I've seen a cenote in Civ already. Maybe I have a mod installed?" Whoops!

Forest Fire. It damaged Oxford U. a new resource in the upper left

Sure? Looks like sugar to me. From the other screenshots I have the feeling that they changed the looks of plantation resources a bit. We can see dyes, cotton and spices on those pictures too, but they all look different from what I'm used to.
well not anew resource, but I find it interesting that the Colombian "plantation" looks like It's unique, maybe Colombia has a focus on plantation crops? most of them seem tied together like the Otuback station so It's not likely all of that was a resource. but what if you start a colombian plantation on a resource and then you can repeat the yields by building another one adjacent to it?
I think I spotted the new resource,
At 2:33 in the top right of the screen you can see something that looks like a cornfield
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Sorry for terrible quality, I'm on mobile, but here it is.
Is there a new resource in the center of the solar storm pic? Or is that one of those over 9000 plantation resources you never have a closer look on?
Maybe it's a base game addition. Since i don't see how it could interact with apocalypse.

Initial thoughts are that perhaps units now go out of date after a certain amount of time. Being the unit's lifetime

And Renown is just a reworking of how experience and promotions work. But then i noticed that the unit still has an XP bar

So i'm completely stumped. But also very excited too find out what they are
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