NEW GAME 2022!! Realism Invictus Mod

It is indeed a harsh world. My scouts have been exploring to the south and watched as New York was razed to the ground. There really wasn't much room for expansion for either civ, so it seemed an ancient battle needed to be had to determine who could settle the area.

The problem is... I might be next!,

Time to get the military prepared!
Hi guys, I will be on vacation until the 2nd of July... without PC... sorry! :sad:
I will be able to do one more turn if it come today.
Tried playing, my old laptop isn't loading the game. Will have to download 3.57 to the new laptop and test it out
Sorry for the long wait guys, shouldn't happen anymore though because I've solved the issue. But I've played my turn.
I just got the save but unfortunately I also just left on holiday until next Sunday without my computer. Sorry to stall the game again
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