New Game Crashing Bug With Leaderpass.


Aug 29, 2023
If you open trade and diplomacy svreen with any other civ you will see the denounce button is bugged out and showing the filename instead of deounce. Game typically crashes shortly after seeing this. This bug is being reported by multiple users on youtube.
I've got the same... it only seems to cause a crash if you scroll down the options to it.

There's also a similar weirdly named message when you open up the city state menu but that doesn't appear to cause an issue.
Same here. Not only i still can't have leader pass for free (i have anthology) and now this!:eek2: The game is now unplayable until they can fix this.:cry: I read somewhere that the bug may not occur if you play with Rise and Fall instead of Gathering Storm...i haven't tried yet...but this is nonsense!:cringe:
I already have a ticket opened with 2k for my inability to redeem leader pass for free, next time i get a response i might add this bug to my "list" of complaints!:gripe:
The reply I received from 2k...

Thank you for reaching out to us at 2K Support. My name is Max and I will be assisting you. I'm sorry to see you're experiencing issues with Civilization VI for Nintendo Switch.

After looking into this I see the appropriate team has been notified of the issue. While I won't be able to provide further updates on this report we appreciate you reaching out to us to make sure we know about it. It's important to work with community members such as yourself to make sure Civilization VI is at its best.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know. Otherwise I will now be closing your ticket at this time.

Kind Regards,
2K Max
Customer Support
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