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New Improvement Ideas?


burning out his fuse out here alone
Aug 30, 2001
Civilization II
Just some interesting improvement ideas that I was thinking about, if any of you have some other ideas, feel free to give your own input.

Public Broadcasting
Required Tech: Radio
Culture: 2 per turn
Citizens: 1 unhappy -> content
Protects against propaganda attacks
Maintinance: 2 gold per turn

Allows BBC Radio wonder. (3 stations required, 4 culture per turn, doubles satisfaction effect of stations)

Oil Refinery
Required Tech: Refining (...seems far out there, eh?)
No culture/happiness assistance
Maintinance: 3 gold per turn
Increases shield production by 50%
Oil needed within city radius

Shopping Mall/Plaza
Required Tech: Computers (..malls are pretty "recent" in historical standards.)
Culture: 2 per turn
No citizens happy/unhappy
Maintinance: 2 gold per turn
Increases tax revenue

...well, I pretty much ran out of ideas for now, I'll make changes to this post later :p
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