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New indie game release: Great House Of Calderia


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Oct 22, 2008

FireSquid games, the organizers of Tacticon, have released a new game, "Great House Of Calderia". PCGamesN has also published an article called "Crusader Kings 3 has a rival as beloved grand strategy game hits 1.0", which probably tells you the reason why I am making this thread.
Great House Of Calderia is a grand strategy game, running in real time, so similar to the Paradox titles (e.g. Crusader Kings, obviously). You play in a fantasy renaissance setting, where you need to expand your lands, manage your family, conduct diplomacy, and maybe conquer the other countries in the surrounding.

The game has been discounted by 40% for the launch, and is right now available for 14.70 instead of 24.50 on Steam. It can also be caught in combination with Ozymandias, a neat snack-sized turn-based 4X game, for only 26.72 together.
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