New MOD Discussion: Civ2 Mod vs Modern History Mod

Which mod should I create?

  • Civ2 Mod

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Modern European History Mod

    Votes: 1 50.0%

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Oct 2, 2001
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To follow the immense success of my first mod :rolleyes:, Modex, I am eager to follow it up with an even better mod.

I have decided to do one of two mods, and I'd like your opinions:

The first is a simple Civ2 Mod, where all the units/buildings/wonders/etc and their effects would be identical to Civ2. Why? I think Civ2 was much much better rule-wise, whereas Civ3 has a much better interface.

The second would be a Modern European History mod, starting with the Renaissance and going all the way to today (4 eras = Renaissance, Industrial, Imperialist, Modern). It would vastly redefine military most of all, allowing for more - more specific units.
It would also completely revamp techs, rules, and producable items.

I like both ideas, and I wanna know which idea is most popular. What do you think? Vote above, and give me your opinion.
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