New mod: Humankind Personas


Feb 25, 2018
This mod allows you to create and share as many AI personas as you want. It also has an option to unlock all of the strengths/biases/archetypes to make your opponents exactly how you want them to be whether you have unlocked the trophy or not.

Your custom personas will be stored in your Documents/Humankind/Persona folder rather than the online G2G platform, and you can send these files to others that have the mod installed, and they will be able to play with the persona that you made. You can have as many personas as you want in this folder. We tested the mod in single and multiplayer games.
The new personas look great. I added Hatshepsut and Rudrama Devi as competitors in my current game. Hatshepsut is teamed with Cleopatra, and Rudrama Devi is teamed up with Gandhi. :)
Lagertha [advanced]



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Dihyā [expert]
turtle/to the end



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hair looks nice! ;-)

is there some way to get ahold of some outfits that aren't used in the presets? i'd like to use a roman style outfit for my Octavia, so i'm patiently waiting for someone to share a roman styled persona and steal the looks
Do you mean this outfit?

I linked a persona wearing it. To get the outfit you want, start a game as a person of that culture (using the era mod), save turn one (this step may not be necessary, but I saved), back out to the main menu, and then edit the profile as usual. The person who appears should be wearing the outfit you want. Once you have the character open in the profile section, alter the config file to the name that you want for the new persona.


  • Roman.7z
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I went back and checked, and you do not need to save turn one. Once you start the new game, your character will be wearing the garment of the culture you selected. This garment will stay in place when you return to the main menu and enter the edit profile section.
Here to put Fabius Maximus through his paces is someone who was raised to burn Rome to the ground or die trying...

Hannibal [expert]

militarist / risk-taking / vindictive

god of war / pathfinder

to the end / maritime

Hannibal AI.png

Designed him for TSL but still on the fence as to whether he needs an economic modifier, so if you play with him, feel free to let me know how he does. And, of course, thanks to AOM for these awesome tools!


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