? New patch - CD OK ?


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Jan 10, 2002
Auckland, NZ
I'm very keen to find out if the new 1.17f patch will work with all CD drives now? I'm one who bought the game but had to get the NoCD crack to use it cause the damn thing wouldn't recognise my DvD/Cd-writer/CdROM combo as a legit CD!:mad: :confused: :cry:
1.17f has fixed the non-start problem I was having. Of course, YMMV.

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Your mileage may vary, ie. give it a go and if it works -- good for you, if not -- c'est la vie.
Unfortunately 1.17f does not fix my CD problem. I have a removable hard drive. I have installed the game when the drive was out (the CD was drive F). I still get error message if I try to play when the drive is in (the CD is drive G). This is very annoying :mad:
Do somebody has the same problem?

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