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New Player Starting Help

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by ragindrunk, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. ragindrunk

    ragindrunk Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2013
    I just recently started playing C5 BNW and I'm having a really hard time winning a cultural victory with Brasil. I'm playing with all standard settings. My last game I was on a continent with Egypt and Nebuchadnezzar. After turn 100 or so they just would not stop declaring war on me. I traded all my extra resources to them and even gave them free gifts. They cut me off from all trades and it got to the point that I couldn't produce anything at all and was basically having to defend until they both eventually got bombers and sacked my cities.

    What are some tips that I could use that would help me next game? I really don't know much about tile management vs growing city. I usually try to just focus production and build as many buildings as I can, but even then Egypt had like 15 wonders while the rest of us only had 2-4.
  2. cadmusGambit

    cadmusGambit Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2013
    When playing as Brazil, your highest priorities are happiness and culture.

    Since Brazil's bonuses to tourism and rate of generation for great artists, great musicians, and great writers are only active during golden ages, it is imperative to keep your people happy so that golden ages are more frequent in occurrence. In order to do so, build coliseums, circuses, zoos, and stadiums in your cities ASAP.

    Culture will allow you to adopt more social policies, many of which are immensely beneficial to working towards a cultural victory. The first policy you should adopt (no exceptions) is tradition, as three points of culture per turn is extremely beneficial in the beginning. Next on the list would probably be aristocracy (found in the tradition group) for its boost to wonder construction, but more on that later. Liberty is also useful, as it too provides culture (one point per city per turn to be specific) and two policies on the liberty policy tree--citizenship and collective rule--provide a free worker and a free settler. Again, very useful.

    Wonder construction is a large part of attaining a cultural victory. The most important thing is knowing which wonders to build. For instance, a player going for a cultural victory has little use for the Statue of Zeus or the Pentagon. Here's a small list of wonders useful for Brazil, along with the technology required.

    Chichen Itza (civil service)--A MUST. Increases the length of golden ages by fifty percent AND generates four happiness.

    Taj Mahal (architecture)--Not strictly necessary, but highly useful. Provides four happiness and starts a golden age upon completion.

    Notre Dame (physics)--Grants ten points of happiness, more than any other building in the game

    The Sistine Chapel (theology)--The two slots for great works of art are nice. The twenty-five percent boost the culture generation in all cities is even nicer.

    The Parthenon (Drama and Poetry)--A free work of great art is very useful in the classical era.

    Louvre (archeology)--Provides a free great artist and four slots for great works of art.

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa (printing press)--The twenty-five percent bonus to great person generation in all cities AND a free great person of your choice will expedite your progress towards victory immensely.

    The Great Library (writing)--Available very early on and provides two slots for great works of writing and a free technology.

    As far as beating your rivals to constructing wonders, there are a few tactics that you may find useful. First, if there is a wonder you really want (like Chichen Itza), you could always take the shortest route possible on the tech tree to get said technology; however, this will have the unfortunate effect of hindering you in several important areas. Second, save your great engineers until you are building wonders that will take you a long while to build and have them rush production. Third, build production-increasing buildings and improvements early on.

    Anyway, culture victories are best achieved with a few (that is, 2-4) large cities as opposed to many small cities. This way, you can focus on constructing buildings in and improvements around cities with minimal effort, and unhappiness is less of a problem.

    If you have a warmongering neighbor, your best bet is to have at least a few defensive units on standby. Appeasing them may work, but in many cases, you'd only be delaying the inevitable. If war is declared, negotiate for peace as soon as possible.

    Make friends with as many city-states as possible, but pay special attention to mercantile and cultured city-states, as they provide happiness and culture respectively; also, they grant two more delegates in the world congress if your their ally. Of course, competing with another civ for the same city-state's favor tends to sour relationships, so tread with caution.

    One final tip: you can't start influencing a rival civilization until you've met them. Once you've met all the civs on your starting continent, build at least caravel (unlocked with astronomy) and begin exploring the high seas.

    Hope this helped.

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