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King Numa
Aug 13, 2004
Here's my first (official) attempt at converting city graphics from an other game, the magnificent Rise of Nations by Big Huge Games / Microsoft Games. All the files that I have used are the propriety of Microsoft Games.

There has been a previous try at converting them, but it was far from being exhaustive and there were some issues like different scales for each set and the lack of a proper palette that would work in-game (I also found this one).

Things you have to know about these graphics:
- in RoN, there are like 6 or 7 time periods, but only 3 different looks for cities and buildings. Plus, there are no Metropolis until Modern Times, because your city centers grow when a certain number of buildings have been built (not sure how many) and these buildings are not available until the later eras. This is why you only get the same look for Medieval and Industrial Eras, and why there's no Metropolis graphics in the first 3 ages.
- the Native Americans and the Mid-Eastern people share the same city graphics for the Ancient Era, don't ask me why, that's how it was set up in RoN.
- in RoN, cities don't have walls to protect them, so don't expect to find a walled version of these cities. If you use these cities and build walls you won't see them on the map (if you want I can put a sign next to the cities so that you know there are walls, like in the Worldwide Mod).
- Contrast has been adjusted so that they look better in Civ3.

The download contains 5 pcx covering all the culture groups and all 4 eras (+ 5 pcx for the "walled" cities even though there are no walls).

BIG EDIT: I found that some colors had faded away when pasting on the magenta background, so I corrected this by duplicating all the layers. The cities look MUCH BETTER now, please download them again to get the corrected files.

In-game previews:

Previews of the files themselves:

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :


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Here's the second download.

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Native Americans and American Settlers:
Spoiler :

I've decided to put the Natives and the American Settlers together but I can make two separate files if people want them for a Wild West scenario, for example.


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Very familiar. :) I've been using some of the older conversions of these sets for a while now, especially the modern Euro one. Good job nonetheless, very well done!
Thanks Ares :) I think they look much better than the old ones and will soon expand on them with some C'n'P work, a bit like what Zubareva did.

EDIT: previews added in post #2 (Thrones and Patriots expansion).
Hah! I'd meant to do this myself and didn't even know about the earlier attempt. They're as good as I could hope for. :thumbsup:

Looking at the alignment, I imagine someone more digitally artistic than I could draw in some w—hat about a guard tower?
Yeah I've thought of that too, since RoN uses guard towers instead of walls. I guess that could easily be done after I have finished converting all the cities (1 more to go but I won't have time until tomorrow).
I forgot to say that the template I've been using for these cities is a modified version of Pounder's work that can be found here. Credits and thanks to Pounder for this.
This looks really neat. I might switch to these once I get tired of the city sets I'm using right now.
Nice look. They fit better with civ terrain than the previous conversions (not that the earlier RoN conversions were of inferior quality, of course). For the walled graphics, I wonder if it also might work if you could c'n'p the RoN fortress graphics and put it in the bottom corner to represent a fortified town rather than have it surrounded by 4 guard towers.
So those're the definitive versions?
Nothing is definitive, but the fortress thing is definitely no good. Not sure that's what you're talking about, but these conversions are way better than what has been done before, and as long as I will be happy with them I will keep them as they are, and if I change my mind or notice anything wrong I would correct them. Anybody who wants to modify them can do whatever he wants. If there is something specific you'd like to have modified, say it and we'll see what can be done.
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